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Youth Tours
Explore Israel by day and night, Tailor Made Tours youth group offers adventures to include fast-paced, affordable and ‘do it all again tomorrow’ but someplace new with friends - you’ll want to hang-out forever in the wonderful desert and enjoy the never ending nightlife of the cosmopolitan city of Tel Aviv. As the saying goes, ‘Tel Aviv plays & Jerusalem prays’

With activities on offer for youngsters to enjoy floating on the unique waters of the ‘Dead Sea’, Camel riding in the desert, sleeping in the authentic Bedouin tents, private jeep tours, sand-boarding on the sand dunes of the Negev desert, jeep tours exploring streams and canyons in the Galilee and experience the atmosphere of ancient towns.  Ultimately, not forgetting to include a visit the very ‘Old City of Jerusalem’ renowned for its history from 3000 BC…