tailor made tours in israel - Testimonials 2019

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Testimonials 2019
February 2019
The group arrived safely and are happy. Thank you for a well coordinated tour.

Long live Tailor Made!

Regards/ C., Kenya
February 2019
Thanks so much Daria!
We had a beautiful pilgrimage thanks to your company. I’ll be Gathering a group for another trip as soon as possible. Will keep you posted.
March 2019
We are very glad that we came, we saw and conquer!!!! 
We arrived home safely and every singe delegate were so happy. The arrangement and package was well coordinated.
I will like to appreciate my amiable President of Tailor-Made Tours. The person of Mrs Josephine Zinder,( My Mama Ibeji)
Also, our operator Ms. A., You are wonderful. Please keep it up.
To our protocol at the Airport. Roni. my regards to him.
To everyone that has contributed to the success of this Trip may God Bless You. We are happy.
Thanks you and Stay Bless.
Mr. T., Nigeria
March 2019

Dear precious Mrs Josephine,

Your team were absolutely fantastic (Yelena, Daria, Ronnie and O., our guide).

From the first point of contact right to the end.  The way we were received at the airport and the beautiful flowers I received and the roses the whole team received. We were all blown away.
Your company far exceeded our expectations. A very big thank you to you and your team.  You made us feel so special.
We got home this morning and we are all so thankful to God for this
truly amazing trip. It really exceeded our expectations.

Big thank to you and wish you abundant blessings on you and your

God bless and much love.
G., South Africa
Ps: Here is photo of the team.  I am the one with the Black hair :) 
March 2019

היי אנה
.ברצוני להודות לכן על ארגון וביצוע טיול למופת
.סמדר וסלים היו מעולים . הכל דפק כמו שצריך , המלונות היו בסדר גמור כמו כן גם האו
.כל חברי הקבוצה מאד נהנו מהתכנית והתכנים שהכנתן לנו
.ההדרכה של סמדר הייתה מעולה ומאירת עיניים ,
כולם התפעלו מהידע הנרחב שלה ומהנכונות לראות עוד ועוד
.אנחנו בהחלט נמליץ עליכן

May 2019

Dear Anna,

I thank you and the team for looking after us so well on our trip. It was not the first for one of the ladies and she expressed how different the arrangements were from her last trip and gave it her blessing. I am going to use this group to work on the future trip as they are all enthusiastic.
I prefer the trip to Jordan rather than Egypt which I did the first time, it was a much better experience.

Best regards
Mr. R., Barbados
May 2019

Thank you and your team mates for all the arrangements.

Also praying for a blessing on you and your team , that you may continue to prosper and be a blessing to the visitors coming to the Holy Land. What perhaps an ordinary resident in Israel may not  understand is that, it is a life  dream for every Bible believing Christian to walk through the land where Jesus our Lord walked once. The faith on Christ   means everything on earth for us and whatever that is associated with this faith including Israel is so precious in our eyes.

Shalom! Peace be upon Israel!

With warm regards.
Mr S., Singapore