tailor made tours in israel - Testimonials 2017

December  2017

Good morning Denis,
I thank you so much for helping out the pilgrims while in the Holy Land.
I send my sincere appreciation to the driver and the tour leader.
We hope to continue working with and getting to understand each other better.
Thanks again for everything
J. from Uganda.

You guys are Tailor Made Tours indeed. You are simply amazing. Another identity is service, commitment, dedication, love, joy, and faith enhancement.
J.G. from Nigeria

Dear Ana
Good morning and thanks so much for the JP ceremony and all that you did to make our trip to the Holy Land successful. We arrived back in the U.K. safely with unforgettable exciting experiences of Israel and the Holy Land. 
Do have a beautiful week and keep smiling. My warmest regards to Josephine and her husband and family. Special greetings to all your colleagues. 
Pastor K. from UK. 

November   2017

Dear  Yelena,
Thank you for the welcome ceremony  it was very nice on your part, the cake was delicious . Our return home was good - thanks to the Lord. Everything was good, very tired but well worth the trip, really enjoyed all the places we visited, the itinerary was well organized. The tour guide and the driver Awesome/excellent the two of them. The whole group is fascinated with the two of them very professional. We felt very safe with our driver and very informed with our guide.I do want to take this opportunity to Thank you so much for all your help and hosting this amazing trip, no doubt that I will recommend and use Taylor Made in the future.
E. from USA.  

October  2017

Hi Denis,
Just to say Thank you so much for the wonderful experience that we had. We still can't get over it. Now back to UK.  Appreciating all your efforts to accommodate our demands. 
Many thanks, R. WLC, London, UK

Dear Yelena
Let me thank you and your colleagues for a job well done. We travelled safely and very comfortably all through our journey from Egypt and in Israel. We had a wonderful time.Both our first and last hotels in Egypt exceeded our expectation really and the meals were superb.Both tour guides in Egypt and in Israel were very good and helpful. We had quite good and experienced drivers. Mr J. was superb he may us on arrival at Tabs and we immediately felt welcome and it was so all the way.We are now ambassadors of your company from henceforth and will continue to talk about our experience in your hands.
Thank you All. Blessings, N.D. SDA church South Africa

September  2017

Dear Josephine Zinder and the TMT team,
I want to personally send a message of thanks for the service TMT gave to my last group from  Church in Texas. Pastor told me that his group really enjoyed the tour and the service was wonderful, even exceeding their expectations! I know that would not happen without you and your team striving for excellence in all aspects of the tour. I want to mention that Biana was very helpful and understanding with the many changes we had to make and very accommodating and always finding a solution to any issue. It truly was a pleasure to work with her. I look forward to working together with TMT on hosting many more groups in the future.
Thank you, Blessings and Shana Tova! 
D.K. from USA

Dear Anastasia
Trust you well and had a great weekend, thanks to the staff and management for making Pastor's group an absolute success. You’ll have went over and above and we truly appreciate your partnership. Truly amazed to see the glow on our pilgrims and we trust God for more huge groups that will bring us memories to last foever.Once again we truly admire the work TMT is doing for our South Africans. 
Kind regards, Mrs L. South Africa

August  2017
Hello Biana,
It was nice to see you again in person following the Tour! Your assistance on that tour was greatly appreciated! This was my third year in a row on that specific tour and it was by far the best/smoothest one yet, so thank you for the role you played in making that all happen!
B. from USA

July  2017
I want to thank you already for the great and professional work you have done with this years Summer Tour. I it a privilidge to work with professionalism of this level.We just arrived into the hotel and the people are loving it. It was a pleasent surprise to see the welcome note from you! Thank you so much for arranging this for me and my family. Thank you! Everything has gone well and we continue the Tour by having a good and proper shabbat dinner.

Regards, JS. from Europe 

July  2017
Shalom dear 
I trust you are well? firstly we would like to thank you for the wonderful trip, everyone is happy about your service, we look forward to our next trip.
Regards, V. from South Africa 

June  2017
Dear Yelena,
Everything went well for our group on the return flight. 
We thank you for supporting us in all our inquires and made this tour successful.
Our group is very satisfied with the organization, and enjoyed very much the tour.
They were all fascinated from Israel and the guide was brave.
 This was also our first tour in Israel and we are glade everything went well.
 We hope to have future collaborations.
 Best regards, Y.P. from Albania

May  2017
a)Excellent experience would never forget. God bless.
b)Our tour guides were very patient, very helpful and well equiped. I am very humbled and thy made my first experience very amazing. 

c) I had a wonderful expereince and I wish to come back next year.
d) Our tour guides were friendly and full of jokes
e) Good service
f) All sorted and perfect
Christian delegation from South Africa

May  2017
Good morning, this is just a brief report on the recently concluded tour.
- The welcome reception at the airport was amazing.
- The breakfast in Tel Aviv  was excellent
- The tour guide performed excellently. 
- Very happy with the farewell ceremony.
- The group was happy with the support given at the airport by the guide and the other staff came to bid us farewell.
 - the bus driver was very good.
- very happy with Anastasia  coming around for the farewell ceremony.
I hope we will be able to do more business together. Thanks for overall very good service
Mr O. from Ireland

May  2017
Anastasia,  Thanks for coming around today.  Very much appreciated. Thanks  to TMT for putting up an amazing your.  The guide did wonderful job.
Mr O. from Ireland

May  2017
We had a very peaceful journey back, thanks a lot. From our headquartrers as a body we appreciate you sir, God bless. 
Pastor A. from Nigeria.

April  2017
I hope you are well! I am sorry for taking time to write to you, but I have been collecting feedback from the people we had in the group so I could in turn give feedback to you. First of all I would like to thank you tremendously for organising such a fantastic tour for us. In general everything went very well and my thanks go to Tailormade and both of you. It was a pleasure working with you! We got only positive feedback from all passengers, something that is really fantastic. 
All the best and warm regards,
Mr T. from Finland

April  2017

Shabbat Shalom! 
We have a fantastic trip. Everyone goes home as ambassadors for Israel. Thank you so much for everything you made for this trip to be so amazing .... 
You have a big ❤ ❤❤❤  Hugs 🌸
Mrs. L. from Sweden

March  2017

It was indeed a good experience here in Israel
bringing to live all we have always seen in the Bible.

Mr. R. from Nigeria

March  2017
Dear Mrs. Josephine. Shalom Aleichem! How are you today? I hope all is well? We arrived in Nigeria safely, all glory be to ADONAI. This is to say a very big THANK YOU for the amazing reception and hospitality you gave to Rabbi, myself and my mum. We are very thankful because we know that you got the info about our trip on a very short notice but you and your team still ensured that we were well taken care of, not just as your partners but as your family.  You kept to your promise and for this.
THANK YOU!  You have a very good heart, you are blessed and like I told you HASHEM will definitely bless you more, in YAHSHUA'S Name, Amen! 
 Remain blessed We love you! 
Mrs. A. from UK/Nigeria

March  2017
What a wonderful trip! I loved working with Tailor Made, they were GREAT! We skipped the grotto of the Nativity in Bethlehem because we were told it is so so crowded. That gave us more time at the Shepherds place which we LOVED! We also liked the Church of the Assumption of Mary as it had beautiful feminine energies. I like the tour of the Temple Mount, and then the tour where you could see the base structure of the temple. Give my love to Sara when you are there! J.C.

March  2017
Dear Josephine, shalom and blessings from Tokyo!!!
Thank you for your email! We were safely back home late last night with full of Joy!
It must have been an unforgettable experience for all of them. It was a really great tour.
Thank you so much for all you did. It was such a wonderful surprise to see you in Jerusalem especially on the night of Purim! I look forward to working with you in future. May God bless you and your company abundantly,Blessing from Japan.
Mrs S., Japan

March  2017
Dear Josephine!
Me I´m fine and rest of my lovely family are just fine to. Hope that you are the same.
I got some feedback from the group and they are very happy with all arrangements. A., I. and A. got only positive comments. But the one that got the best was - the bus driver. Please let him know that the group really appreciated him and his calm and secure driving.
Mr J., Sweden

March  2017
Dear, thank you very much for a well prepared tour. Thanks a lot for all assistance with various details. We had a wonderful time in Israel. Good Bus, driver and guide, you know, give so much of herself and is a wonderful guide.
Mr A., Norway

March  2017
Every experience of mine here was fantastic and rejuvenating both spiritually, physically and emotionally. I love Israel and it's people. 
Mrs Justice, Nigeria

February 2017
Shalom Denis , nice to hear from you,
YES we enjoy our trip to the Holy Land. 
Everybody in our group enjoy it ,we love the food ,the people n the place. 
Of course there r some ups n downs , but we can work on it in the further. 
I m thinking of coming again next year !!!!. Same time.
Mr Robert, Malaysia

February 2017
Complement of the season Josephine. With glad and joy in my heart to extend my gratitude to God Almighty and to making it possible to visit the holy Land of Israel last year November to December. I was opportune to attend the training on Agriculture from Nigeria. The four days (4) intensive training on agriculture was so significant in my life. the new modern technics on green house, the kibut house, and how they model themselves where ever they are in the world for good taking care of themselves. I am looking forward to come to Israel again and TAILOR MADE TOURS LTD shall be my services. i really enjoy the services of TAILOR MADE TOURS LTD. i was the bus captain No 6 on the training on Agriculture. i gave a tremendous remarks on be halved of Bus during the closing ceremony. thank you Josephine once more for your in flinging care and love during our stay in Israel. i told the Executive secretary christian Board to continue to patronise TAILOR MADE TOURS LTD. because the give a qualitative services. i was in Israel in 2014 and your services is the best compare to others. Yours truly, 
J. T. N. Bus captain on Training of Agriculture Adamawa state, Nigeria.

January 2017
I was one of the bus captain in the year 2016 (bus 3) then my tour guide was FLOWER.
I really enjoy her for her good work and I must commend the Tailor Made Tours in Israel for the good job.
From Jonathan S. O. JP the Bus 3 Captain, Nigeria

January 2017
Dear Tailor Made Tours 
 On behalf of the N. Family, we would like to extend our sincere thanks and gratitude for our amazing pilgrimage experience in Israel on the 09/01/17 - 13/01/17. We will definitely be recommending this tour to our family and friends in South Africa.
 We would especially like to thank our tour guide and driver, for the excellent service and for going out of their way to ensure that we received the best possible experiences at the sights we visited.  Thank you once again and we look forward to returning soon to the Holy Land. 
 Kind Regards,  Mr N from South Africa

January 2017
On behalf of members of Bus #4 Tailor Made Tours Ltd. I wish to use this medium to commend Mrs N. on her giant efforts in carrying out her oversight function diligently. I must sincerely commend the bus driver for his hard working. I salute the management of Tailor Made Tours for their excellent performance. I will specially convey a good will message tho His Excellency on Tailor Made Tours. I assure you of our constant patronage. Yours faithfully, Hon.J.A.A., Nigeria 

January 2017
The tour guide is very friendly and tolerant. I will like to meet her again with Tailor Made tour. The cable car experience is memorable as many of other sites. Long life and prosperity to Tailor Made Tours, Israel and believers from Nigeria in Jesus name. 
Pastor D.A.A. , Nigeria. 

January 2017
The visit to the fish farm in a Kibbutz was awesome and eye opening. Secondly the boat ride on Sea of Galilee playing NIgerian music was lovely.
Sophie N. , Nigeria. 

January 2017
I have been directed to oficially express the profound gratitude of the Board to your company for your humane hospitality and care. No wonder, your slogan is working for you: Excellence All The Way Through.
Board secretary, Nigeria. 

January 2017
Hello everyone,
I would like to summarize the three programs we spent the last two months. Overall was a good job, quality service. I want to thank Ksenia availability, extraordinary service, commitment to the job. You gave us a great service! Thanks. Rooney accompanied us with warmth and joy at the airport, Yam takes care of the important and large. Best regards to all Tailor Made Tours team. 
Anat  from Israel

Testimonials 2017