tailor made tours in israel - TESTIMONIALS 2016

December 2016
Tailor Made I must say your slogan "excellence all the way" is indeed truly reflected in all you do. You gave us an experience of a life time with the first of its kind Holy pilgrimage/Agricultural training which has greatly impacted my life positively and am now translating what I learnt in Israel in my local community. Tailor Made you are the best.
(JP November 2016 Adamawa State, Nigeria)

December 2016
Hello Mrs Josephine,
I'm Mrs Mary O., (JP)from one of Nigerian States with the Bishop,  the lady you gave you complimentary card after the JP closing ceremony. Since 2014 I've been coming on pilgrimage to Holy Land, your service has been prestigious, decent, and strategically co - ordinated. We have arrived Nigeria safety. To God be thy glory. Hallelujah. My first contact with your Tour Guide 2014- J. the "Bus 1" was excellent. I had an encounter, my life transformed and never be the same since then. Thanks for job well done. May our good Lord bless you  and family in Jesus Mighty Name Amen. Shallom, Merry Christmas. 
Mary O. JP from Nigeria

November 2016
Cordially thank you for the incredible experience of these sacred places оnce again a big Thank you for the perfect organization Special greetings for bus driver! 
Maria from Bulgaria

November 2016
Thank you for your kindness and wishes.
Thank you the big bus is working great for us! 
Many thanks, B. from USA 

October 2016
I want to sincerely thank Tailormade for the good reception and wonderful hotel arrangements. The journey was indeed a spiritual one. Your tour guide Etti demonstrated good knowledge of all the Holy Site visits. 
Fr. Ad.J. Director G.S. Nigeria. 

October 2016
Tailor Made Tours, our trusted and dedicated partners
You have made it possible for us to spread our wings in South Africa. A special thank you to the team for making our dream a reality. Your partnership has created a great network that will jointly increase the volume of business.  Due to the dedication and hard work in making FCMinistries a great success, we will continue to value your partnership and look forward to bringing future business.
The feedback from the group was one of the best, considering that TMT has exceeded our expectation. To Dennis, Biana, Mrs Orit and the bus driver; your commitment and support was outstanding. We value your kindness and outstanding business ethics which will take your company to greater heights.
Thank you for investing your precious time and dignity with our company. It was really good to see positive response from our group. We believe that your company will grow above and beyond as God has a perfect plan for this connection. You have our assurance that our future groups will be stress free and thank you for placing your trust in our company. 
From the Staff of I.C.T. South Africa 

October 2016
Subject: RE: Thank You Mail
We had an excellent time on the pilgrimage. Our walk was both spiritual and educating. Our Guide Sarai was excellent, even better than excellent. Kudos also to our driver Aron. I recommend them as the best combination. We would do this pilgrimage again and again.  
The Tour was Shababa.
Thank you.
V. M. Head Price Assurance Nigeria LNG Limited

September 2016
Dear Tailor Made Team, Thank you for an awesome time! We enjoyed travelling through this beautiful and interesting country! It was my 4th time travelling with you and the tours are getting better and better! Each time i´m astonished!
Greetings, I. W. from Norway

September 2016
Dear Josie, Shalom!
I want to thank you again for all you did to host the B.family. 
They came by BFP to visit us and had only wonderful things to say about you and their experience with TMT. 
They wanted me to tell you that you went far beyond their expectations.
Thank you.
Daniel USA  

September 2016
Dear professor Heart, greetings from Botswana. I am one of the pastors who came from Botswana from 31 August to 4 September 2016. The one who lost cap which you genorously provided. Just to say thank you very much for your great communication and teaching skills. I was greatly touched by your sense of humor, love for people and the knowledge imported into us. You are a great tour guide who knows what to say and do at any given time and place. Keep it up. Greet Mr Daniel. Keep in touch. 
Pastor D.S. from Botswana

September 2016
Honestly, the whole group was very satisfied with the tour. A lot of people that attended the the trip wants to go back. Also people that couldn't attend said that they'll be attending next time. I am planning another trip for next September and want Tailor Made to take us. I have a list of places that we would like to include for September. 
Mrs R. from USA.

September 2016
Tanx u so muc for co operating and helping me make this tour a sucess. U know how much this means 2 me, Ur company will grow in South Africa and we ar so proud to hav met ur. Tanx you so very muc for being so considerate and also placing ur trust in me. I apreciate ur integrity and all that you guys have done 2 make a complete sucess of this trip. Blessing.
Mrs L. from South Africa

September 2016
Hello Dear Biana,
How can we thank you for you and your Tailor Made’s  generous offer.  It is  very much appreciated and gratefully accepted. I have shared the itinerary and the scheduled tour times with both Ms. V. and Pastor B. Everyone is excited to visit your beautiful land. On the welcome letter to the group,  I shared that a TMT Representative will be meeting them at the airport.
Mrs D.L. from USA

June 2016
Good morning, we arrived in the country safe and sound. We want to say a very big thank you,  every part of the trip was wonderful.  A big thank you to the tour guide also,  a lot of heartfelt and warm wishes from everybody that was involved in the tour was sent.  The Agency will forever grow,  we benefit greatly every time we travel down there and we pray that great and wonderful testimonies shall not seeze in the Agency.  Thanks a whole lot,  Pastor A. from Nigeria

June 2016
Dearest beloved Zinders,
My soul magnify the Lord and my spirit rejoice in God who has given you to me. My meeting you is a rear privilege that life does not offer easily. I lack words to express my profound gratitude to you ever since I met you. You have always given me reason to rejoice and believe in Tailor Made Company as the one and only way that can lead pilgrims with fulfillment. Your visit to us in Tiberias  yesterday has greatly open a new door for my journeys to the holy land as all the pilgrims vowed to spread the good news and promised to encourage others to come. You again brought me gifts of wine and love, am delighted. As I promised, I will always be an ambassador of Tailor Made in Nigeria and bring more people to the holy land through Tailor Made Tours. Mr. Zinder defied every medical advice just to share love and fellowship with us, our God will surely reward him beyond his imagination in Jesus name, Amen. Our love to the twins and every member of the family.
Bishop C. from Nigeria​

June 2016
Shalom Yana! Greetings from Malawi. 
I hope you are keeping well. I write to report that we travelled back home safely after a  wonderful experience and spiritually enriched tour in the Holy Land, the most sacred place. Mr Roni, the Tailor Made Staff welcomed us so warmly at the Airport and directed us to our tour guide and the driver. We would also like to recommend D., the Tour Guide and Monther, the driver for the professional work they did throughout our 5 days stay. Our guide was just exceptional with every information about all sites we visited, although the members have not seen other guides but they rated her as the best among them all.
Both the guide and driver were friendly, approachable and patience with us. We highly recommend for the job well done. 
The members had an opportunity to experience all the history, miracle sites and prophecy sites that awaits us in the bible. The pilgrimage has been described as life-changing experience. As they literary followed the footsteps of Jesus, it was a journey way to get closer to Jesus and discover more the  roots of their Christian faith.
Each site visited enhanced their faith and no one regretted visiting the Holy Land.
In summary the tour was successful, spiritually enriched and educational leaders would like to come back again.
Looking forward to have another extra ordinary Holy pilgrimage in August and November this year.
Kindest Regards, Ch.S. Senior Tours Consultant, Tours Ltd

May 2016
Thank you so much Porit. You and guide and TMT operators all have done a good job.
Thanks again for all your care and efforts for this group.  
Mrs R. from Taiwan. 

May 2016
Hello Brother Dennis, Shalom! Shalom! 
Thank you for sacrificially Guiding operating our tour when we were in Israel, we had a great and fulfilling time. My prayer is that the God of Israel whom we serve will bless you richly in Jesus name. Amen..The JP ceremony was glorious. I hope you delivered our heartfelt gratitude to  Mama Jossie and our friends at TMT. I am trying to float a tour during the Feast of Tabernacles this year.. Once again thanks very and greet your beloved family and our beloved TMT family. 
Regards, Mrs I. from NIgeria

May 2016
Hello Denis, 
We have all arrived at our destinations with many happy memories of Israel and especially with the guide. He made the trip so special!! In fact we have been blessed by using Tailor Made Tours. All the best to you and trust we can meet up again some time.  Kindest regards to Porit as well.
Mr D.C. from Seventh Day Adventist Church 

May 2016
Dear my sister Yana, Shalom!
First of All I would like to send my warm greetings to all Tailor Made Tours Staff and my full hearted appreciation to all who have participated in the successful completion of the tour group. The Ethiopian Group from Addis Ababa has safely arrived to their home town and have been satisfied with what they have seen and the US group too has also reached their home town safely and have been also satisfied with what has been done to them even on departure to their home town. All the participants have been very happy with the tour they have made with Tailor Made Tours. I would like to thank all the staff members of the Tailors Made Tours on behalf of the group.
May Almighty God Bless all of you who have made the pilgrimage tour successful.
Thanking you again for you help.
With Best Regards
Your Sister N. from Ethiopia   

May 2016
Hi my dear Yana,  
I arrived safely.  Thank you for everything.  I am happy with drivers,  with the guide with you with everybody. Thank you again.
Mrs G. from Ethiopia

April 2016
A.JOHN from NIgeria

March 2016
May the lord bless you and the business he given you. Honestly we were blessed by your hospitality and offer you gave us. God bless. we arrived in good condition . the Lord are made a full security services in the Aiplane for us. I hope to you soon again  with  all my family, they can not miss this opportunity. have good time and all workers.Yours,  Rita from LONDON ENGLAND.

March 2016
Thank you so much for organizing the tour for us. My dad and I really enjoyed it. Y. was a great tour guide and Masada was incredible to see. 
Have a beautiful day.  
Emma from USA. 

March 2016
Tailor Made Tour was the right choice during our stay and highly recommend this company to anyone coming to Israel. D., Sh. and N. were simply excellent! Will definitely contact them for future visits! It is more than a business deal with them, it's a new found relationship.
Everette J. S. from USA reviewed Tailor Made Tours Israel — 5 star

March 2016
Good morning Mrs Porit. Without God and you, we can not achieve  this success level. I am confident we will break new grounds in Nigeria, in Israel and across the globe. I will be back to Nigeria working for my next programmes. The whole group promised to promote the programme. I will try to have one in June this year. For now Goodbye.
Pastor O. from Nigeria

March 2016
The organizing of the Tour was amazingly good. We visited the Galilee and our stay was excellent. As usual the Nazareth, Jerusalem and every other place was excellent.
Some of our members were not so mobile and Y. organized two wheelchairs in Jerusalem and made it easier. Even he pushed the people in the wheelchairs. We adapted the program according to our group’s mobile ability.
Catering and accommodation:
We enjoyed the stay in the hotel in Jerusalem and the Galilee and cannot complain – thank you Tailor Made. We really had to adapt to the food because there is a vast difference in preparation. But still we’ve enjoyed it. Hotel staff was friendly and helpful. 
It was really a great Tour and it wasn’t as cold as we expected. Thanks for the gifts and the flower you were great!
Report of our Israel Christmas Tour by A.J.and the followers of Christ.

March 2016
Dear Josephine,
Good evening from here.Yes we all arrived safe,well and healthy. We had a wonderful service and reception from you and the team. It was such an honour to have that awesome service and I believe it was a most humbling experience for me personally to have met you. I am eternally grateful to you and your entire team for all you did for me. May God continue to shine His infinite mercy on you and the business. We are planning for next year's trip already and we look forward to continually doing business with you. I will like to request our Tour Guide B. and Driver D. for next year's trip. The ceremony was awesome, we never expected that.The man and woman of God were so delighted and honoured. Our members were thankful and it's still the major talk in church till this day. Remain blessed and warmest regards to all in your team.
J.G.Managing Director A. Travel Agency London, UK

February 2016
Tailor Made Tours Israel provided an excellent service. Made my trip to Israel with ABC London a memorable one. Thanks to B., an D. and all the team.
M. Sh. reviewed Tailor Made Tours Israel 

February 2016
It's a great honour and appreciation to Tailor Made Tours Israel. We really enjoyed your awesome services, rich educational about the land, and celebrations you showed us while in Israel. All our group from the old to young enjoyed everything you did for us. YOU ARE THE BEST. 
Our Bishop and myself we say a big SHALOM AND THANK-YOU.
see you next year at the same time.
Jen. I. reviewed Tailor Made Tours Israel

February 2016
It has been a wonderful journey in Israel with Tailor Made Tours LTD. Our driver D. and tour guide B. demonstrated excellent customer service skills. Every need that raised up was dealt with them professionally. Thank you for the tour of the Holy Land and hope to see you next year around same time.
PJohn P. reviewed Tailor Made Tours Israel

February 2016

Hello Josephine,
Thank you.
Blessings to you. We are looking forward and so excited about the trip . Yes it has been a headache trying to get some of the members visa from this end. I thank God for your life and I thank you for all your kind help and patience with me. Looking forward to meeting you.
God Bless you. 
J.G. Managing Director of a travel agency from the UK

February 2016
My dearest Josephine,
I am home safe and well. I wish to sincerely thank you for a very warm hospitality. May almighty God bless you and your company abundantly for the resources put at my disposal. I will be working on our discussed assignments and provide feedback. I have no doubt that the Lord will prosper us in our business relationship.
Mr. K.B. from Malawi

February 2016
Shalom Biana! 
I've had the best tour ever in Israel with Y. and Tailor Made Tours. Tailor Made was just fantastic! Regards to Porit. I will contact you guys as soon as I intend undertaking another tour. Lov you los !
A.J. from South Africa

January 2016
Approved sites for the itinerary were all excellent and of immense spiritual benefit.
Dr. K. B.-M

January 2016
Tailor Made Tours, you are too good. Next year I will make it with your company. You are great. 
Bishop T. from Lagos, Nigeria

January 2016
Hello Mrs Josephine,
Thanks once again for the hospitality granted our guests who just returned from Israel. 
It is with greatest pleasure to share with you their candid comments:
Dr.B.: Very nice and really enjoyed the food
Dr.C.: Wonderful.
Mrs P.: It was a great experience
Mrs A.: I enjoyed myself and will do it again
Mrs T.: Interesting and will do it again
Regards, M. from Nigeria

January 2016
Dear Sir, 
I am Chaplain G. J. a train chaplain of the international institute of pastoral education and chaplaincy (IIPEC) Adamawa State command Nigeria. By the grace of God I happen to be among the brethren that perform the Holy Christian Pilgrim in the Holy Land ISREAL in the year 2015. I found unique performances that is very special from your company. We had a wonderful team work, the excellence performance of our guide and driver is what trigger me to write this letter. May the LORD bless Israel and gives him his desired peace, may his Descendant celebrate victory over their adversaries in JESUS Name Amen. Thanks. 
Evang. J.G. from Nigeria

January 2016
I am one of the JP that come to Israel last year through Ogun state Nigeria just to appreciate your service that your company gave to us. I say thank you if God gave me opportunity to come again i will be very happy.
A.S. from Nigeria.

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