tailor made tours in israel - TESTIMONIALS 2015
December 2015
I am delighted to inform you that the team from Nasarawa state arrived safely after a very successful pilgrimage in the holy land. Many thanks to the entire tailor made team for your excellent services rendered throughout the stay of the team in the holy land.
Please extend our heart warming appreciation to our dear president Mrs Josephine Zinder.
Greetings from the Executive Secretary, B.O,C.M. from Nigeria

December 2015
My dear Josephine,
I don't know how to express my gratitude. My prayer for you and your family is that God Almighty will continue to uphold you in every ramification. Where your mates have failed, you shall excel. Favour of God will continue to locate you all the days of your life.
It was a wonderful experience. You are the best. My warm regards to your family and by extension, the TailorMade Group.
Thank you once again and have a fruitful 2016.
Mrs. B.I. E.-L. Embassy of Nigeria.

December 2015
Greetings and love
My dearest Yuval
What a revelation to meet a man as wonderful as you. Thanks for enlightening my life with your experience and wonderful sense of humor. Yuvie you really blessed us with the info, love and care. You are a blessing. We had a blessed time and will never forget you.
Mr. A.J. from South Africa
December 2015
I am Revd. B. N. B. one of the last Pilgrims from Taraba specifically from Bus 1 which was anchored by the Tour Guide Etty and the Driver Danny.
I really want to appreciate and thank God for Tailor Made Tours. I have been hearing of Tailor Made long before I came to Israel. Thank God I was privileged to experience it personally in the resent last trip. The last pilgrimage trip of Tuesday 8 - Friday 18 December 2015 was my first trip to Israel. I am so blessed most especially with the way our Tour Guide Etty explicitly and comprehensively break down to our understanding the history of all the places we visited and her attitude in the cause of the journey. I am so blessed and happy and wish to be part of the trip some other time.
The Driver Danny was great and his humorous life style of storytelling keeps one alive. Sincerely, as a first timer, the duo made my day impactful and blessed. Thanks to Tailor Made that have given themselves to humanitarian service and spiritual exercise, helping to enhance knowledge of the Bible in practically form.
Please, Ma, keep the good work and God will continue to visit you and show you mercy and grace at all times. Also know that personally with my family we will be praying for the Nation of Israel. I love Israel.
I believe a time is coming in life if Christ tarries, we will get to know each other more as we work towards giving people the full opportunity to be practically educated on the knowledge of what they have read and are reading from the Bible. I love you ma.
Long Live Tailor Made
Long Live the Staff
Long Live the President
Long Live the Nation of Israel
Revd. B. N. B. from Nigeria
December 2015
Dear Porit,
Many thanks for all your assistance regarding the recent tour of the Holy Land by the Israel Advocacy Group. Please pass on my gratitude to the whole team and thanks Josephine and Eran for me too. You are all very brilliant.
Regards, O. Pastor K. I. from Nigeria
December 2015
Dear Daniel / Porit, Shalom!
On behalf of the team RCCG that visited Holy Land, we want to say a big thank you for your hospitality and warm reception. We are really grateful.
We also use this opportunity to say a big thank you to Professor Heartz for his ability to communicate and share his knowledge throughout the pilgrimage.
Thanks once again.
Regards, Pastor K. from Nigeria
December 2015
The management and staff of Wide Travel Deals Intl is pleased to thank you for the great job that you all did to make our Trip successful, for your prompt response on our requests, Professional tour guide, support and the most important great LOVE that you have showed us that we are not only business partners but we are members of TAILOR MADE family.
We also continue to thank Mum Ofra for the great work that you did, not only do your roles you even mothered us and we want to assure you that we enjoyed every single day that we were with you and hope you will secure time for us in the next coming trips and please keep the spirit.
May the Lord GOD bless Tailor Made family abundantly (Psalm 20:4).
Thanks and Regards, P. W. A. from Uganda

December 2015
Dear Tailor made staff, Shalom!
Thanks for your outstanding performance, your concern and hospitality.
I Abebe W. on behalf of the group Leader and our Beloved pastor Pastor Tezera Yared D. would like to say thanks for the love and the service you show us
while we are there. All of us arrive Addis safely. Our pastor he is very thankful for the service we received,
Be blessed by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Yours faithful, A. W. from Ethiopia.

December 2015
Int. Basic Leadership Training & Skill Acquisition
Tailor Made Excellent arrangement for the training of our group handled by them. Quality of accommodation and meals exceeded our expectations.
Prof. Vincent C. A.,  Nigeria

December 2015
I have been coming to Israel on Pilgrimage since 2001,
but my own and entire experience of our group with Tailor Made Tours in 2015 is simply outstanding and very satisfactory!
Anytime we come back we will request for TMT services again.
Keep up the excellent work you are doing!
The Understanding, Insight, and ability to communicate to pilgrims and connect with the Biblical routing is Fantastic!
Bishop Dr. J. I Nigeria

November 2015
Thank you dear Porit.
I also wished I could have had opportunity to see you in Israel.
I am very excited to work with Pastor Bynum on their first trip to Israel.
As far as I am concerned, especially now during these difficult times, we need not fear visiting the Holiest of Lands.
 I know that we will be safe as we trust the Lord and those He has given us like TMT to work with as we travel.
  We trust you to guide us with every leg of the journey! Blessings!
Victoria .B. Melbourne 

November 2015
 Hi Josephine
I wanted to  say how wonderful it was to see you the other evening at the Bedouin village.
Thank you for coming. To make such a long trip to wish Becky a happy birthday...
shows what a unique person you are.
It was great to personally have a few moments with you and your radiant joy : ) 
 Blessings to you and the Zinder tribe
Barry .M.

November 2015
We had such a great time with you in the Holy Land.
You were such a blessing to us that we never ceased to pray for you.
 Please keep in touch.
Best regards.
Rev .J. Ingland

November 2015
I want to thank this letter on behalf of all group firm and you personally
for the fine organization of our travel to Israel!!!
All our group, all 32 not hearing participants, are uniform in opinion that the seen surpassed everything expected.
Everything was very healthy!
Mila .P. Russia

November 2015
 We arrived home safely and happily.
I must reiterate that your hospitality ,capability and magnanimity are unparalleled.
Surely, nobody can surpass your impeccable excellence.
Tailor Made Tours remains No 1 in my heart and mind.
Thank you.

November 2015
Chris .P. Nigeria 
The kibutz agriculture farm is excellent
We need to have it back home.

November 2015
Keep on with this high quality in every aspect.
Doc, S. Nigeria

November 2015
I want to thank you for the good cooperation and for all what our group received.
I hope for a good group to the next year in May.
Thousand thanks
L.L.  Sweden

October 2015
Felt very safe with extra precautions
eg: armed bus, extra security, etc
Extra special attention to BKM desire to be stellar
 boats on the galilee, coordinating meet, etc
bags and cap, nice thought !

 October 2015
We got to back to Nigeria safely glory to God Almighty.
I just write to once again thank you for making our trip to Israel so pleasant and memorable.  I know you did your best for us and I want you to know that we are and I especially am so grateful to you.
I also wanted to tell you that I have learned alot from you though you may be surprised to hear this. When I get upset I think about Etti!  I think how you will react! You are so patient!  A real mother indeed. So I thank you teaching me to be more patient!
I pray God will continue to bless you and your children richly in all you do.
We all miss you and pray we get to meet again.
Without flattering you we say you are the best guide! You should get an award from Tailor made and the minister of tourism, if not Netanyahu himself!
God bless you as you have blessed us.
A.Z. Nigeria

 October 2015
Thank you so much for all the wonderful touches in everything you do!  I LOVE the gift in my room!  What a blessing:) you are all top-notch.
It was a wonderful flight and I’m looking forward to a wonderful retreat…Thank you again for all you do.  You do it WELL!
Ready to hit the hay

 August 2015
We don't know how to thank you .
We are. returning to work for this project.
Everyone would have expected 100℅, but they do not know the sacrifices TMT put into this project. You did great.
 Actually no words to thank you and TMT.
Best regatds to all  Team Member
Thank you
J.DS India

July 2015
Dear friends,
Thank you so much for the thought of letting others share in the rich
agricultural heritage of Israel. I am personally blessed as a result
of that trip. It has afforded me the privilege of knowing that all
things are possible and that there are rich opportunities hidden in
our challenges.
Thank you for the hospitality shown us and for allowing your family to
Shalom. You are loved
be a blessing to us. God bless you, I am indeed grateful.
E, Nigeria

July 2015
Shalom ma,
Calvary greetings to you
We want to say thanks for your love and hospitality accorded us during our tour last week
More blessings
Psts O. & R.  Ireland

July 2015
Dear TMT ,
I bless God that we all arrived Nigeria safely.
I am proud that despite your age and experience, you did represented Tailor Made  very well during our last Wednesday JP ceremony. It was very wonderful of you. My greetings also goes to your colleague although you did all the job.
Have a blessed week.
Pastor O.  Nigeria
May 2015
The will to helpn  and the kindness were outstanding, we even learned a short sonf in hebrew by our guide.

May 2015 
The trip was the best ever and exceeded all the expectations.
thank you very much.
R. Norway
May 2015
Dear colleagues,
Greetings from Belgrade!
Our group is returned and we have feedback from them. Everything was great!
The hotel accommodation was nice.
Hotel, dinner, location perfect.... Transfers and tour to Haifa, too.
I just want to thank you for your really kind support and cooperation.
It will be our great pleasure to continue our cooperation with you.
Greetings to all colleagues!
Best wishes and best regards,
M. Serbia
May 2015
Hello friends,
I want to thank for the wonderful time we had in Israel. My wife Molly and I, we have been coming to Israel with Pst. Raj all the four trips.
This was the best so far. It was well organized.
Our guide in bus 2, Smadar did an excellent job. Ruthi in bus 1 is also very good. She was our
guide last year. I thank you and your team for everything you done for us. I
Praise God. I was really touched by the way you were upholding Jesus.
God Bless you and your family.
With warm regards
T&M India

May 2015
thank you for a fabulous trip everyone had such a magnificent time I'll because of your tender tender loving care.
Also thank you for the fabulous cake we actually had it on the rooftop and Petra making a wonderful final night evening. I want you to know how everyone love Sarah and our bus driver they were amazing fabulous and added so much to our journey.
thanks again for everything
V. India
May 2015
Hi friend,
Thank you very much for your professional work in handling our delegations 24/7 during their visit in Israel and of course your prompt reaction made against the last minute request of the companies.
I believe the companies are very satisfied and happy.
I hope that we can cooperate to host more delegations in the future.
Thank you and good luck to your business.
May 2015
Dear friends,
Thank you so much for your understanding and cooperation, it was a very beautiful package I believe all the participants are happy
because some were already making plans to come back to Israel. Professor Herts is the best Tour Guard I have met in  Israel very professional,
educating and flexible. The group simply adore him.
A big thank you to Tailor Made and the wonderful team Thank you.
Sincerely, F.Nigeria

May 2015
Hello ,
Thank you and also to say another thank you for the great arrangements made for us in Israel. It was a good experience and i am happy i got the opportunity to visit Israel for my first time.
Thank you for your attention
Best wishesת A.
Dear manager,
The tour we took for visiting AGRITECH exhibition through orbit india was excellent. We enjoyed Israel, the tour, the hotel at neve ilan, the food and everything. The   charming guide Sima was very very nice. She is a treasure of knowledge, curious and is very  humerous and can keep the tourists well engaged. She was always ready to provide all the help if any tour member wanted.
With best wishesת N.India

A very big thank you and all Tailor Made Tours team for a job well done.
The group had a safe return flight back last night with too many testimonies and joy and gladness.
We really appreciate my president Mrs Josephine and my chairman Mr Zinder.
Thanks my sister, and the Almighty God bless you.
Pst D.

April 2015
Shalom friends
 Thank you so much for the warm accommodation.
You have set the bar so high along with Avner and Heim that the group was looking for the same treatment everywhere.
Thanks and Best Regards,

April 2015
I was one of the participant, in the pilgrimage to Rome And Israel by Nigerian pilgrim this April. one of your staff our tour guide in Israel did a great job of taking us round the historic sites. we know him by the name Yuval.
as I say thank you to TMT for a wonderful and memorable Christian pilgrimage package.  Thanks. Shalom!
Pst. F.R.
April 2015
Dear my sister,
I just wanted you let know that all pilgrim are safe arrived with big joy and happiness.  Thank you and i am proud.
God bless you,
April 2015
I want to use this medium to thank you for your effort to take us round the Holy site and making me feel what i have been reading in the bible to be more real.
Rev G.
April 2015
With the little experience I had with you for the one week and one day in Israel, I make bold to say that among the One Thousand and One tour companies in Israel, Tailor Made Tour is simply the best. Your drivers are second to none. I don't use to call them drivers - especially the one who drove Bus 4 (The Agric Group)  by the name Adel or so, I do call him a Pilot - he's nothing less.
I pray that the Tailor Made Tours will attain greater heights in Jesus name, Amen.
Thanksת Revd.E.
March 2015
My dears,
I bless God for our safe arrival back to Nigeria. Everybody in my team had a memorable journey and very Good thing to say about Tailor Made. It was a fulfilled performance by the entire team of Tailor Made. I also thank you for the Caps and bags given to us. I also thank God for Visiting your office with a wonderful meeting with Josie. Roni and Israel were all fantastic. My greetings to Josie, Israel, Roni, Porit, Alejandra m& to yourself my dear wonderful goal getter, Biana.
I am already working on my next Programme. I am confident with God, It will be a great success.
Pastor O.Nigeria
March 2015
I Love Tailor Made, you made My tour during last December Pilgrimage memorable.

February 2015
Dear Tailor Made team,
I got home safe and well, carrying blessings from the Holy Land:-)
Please accept my sincere gratitude to each of you for being ever soo hospitable to me: I am still amazed at the warmth that each of you exuded and have come to a conclusion that only Israel has the warmth that Kenya has in its peopleJ
Rony – From the airport pick-up with a flowerJ you have been amazingly warm, patient, a time keeper and informative – it was great hanging out with you.
Porit – Such a sweet spirit; warm, attention to detail, always called to make sure everything was fine, came up with amazing tours last minute and a true marketer! Will not forget the lessons in the boardroom about your product coz you trained me with soo much passion.
Alejandra – From updates on the visa and itinerary before my trip to messages at the hotel with the pick-up timings – you are such an organizer: Then we met at the office and it seemed like we already knew each other – thanks for lunch and the lovely conversations.
Biana – Really passionate about your job, can’t forget the excitement you had after a group from Nigeria confirmed a tour – I look forward to dealing with you.
Ilan – Very inviting young man and found myself indulging in the yummy crackles with no shameJ thank you! Just for the record, those are what I would need from Israel if someone is coming into Nairobi.
Israel – Though we did not get to meet this time, it was great talking to you and I owe my visit to you – once again thank you.
Josephine – I truly appreciate you for everything and thank God for allowing our paths to meet – you are an inspiration and a blessing.
I look forward to dealing with each of you soon, Shalom.

February 2015
Really enjoyed your service Dec.21-31,2014
J.n Nigeria

February 2015
Trust you and all yours are well.
We are very well over here.
I wish to communicate the safe return of all the pilgrims, and to thank you for being part of the actualization of this event that has been in the making for years. Words are not enough to express our immense gratitude for all you kindness, support and encouragement. May Hashem reward you most abundantly.
Our kind regards, always.

February 2015
We had a good time and our guests were satisfied. Thank you for arranging it.
we´ll be in touch for our groups. Have a nice week.

February 2015
HI enjoyed your service during the ddecember Christian pilgrims in Jerusalem.
TMT the ultimate in tours.
God bless you.

February 2015
Hello, I write to personally express my profound thanks and appreciation for your personal friendship and trust.
I am also, on behalf of my husband and our Community,
appreciative of your firm's commitment towards enabling our Community realize and achieve its dreams of the Holy Land experience.
We sincerely believe that this is the beginning of a very fruitful and rewarding friendship and partnership.
Once again, thank you for your kindness.
I look forward to meeting you soon.
Shalom and Kind regards,
January 2015
Hello,  Greetings from all of us in Nigeria.
I want to first of all thank you very much for your immense help and assistance to Chidi this visit. We are very grateful for you help and friendship.

January 2015
You were on mind today as I prayed.
You were a real blessing to me in Israel and I remain truly grateful for your good guidance to all of us in Plateau Bus 4 during my short Christmas stay there.
Please kindly extend my best wishes and regards to the Driver Khalid Adam and Tailor Made Tours for all the assistance rendered.
S,D John.
January 2015
I have safely arrived and Mr Goldstein received me well. I am pleased with all your effort and services. God bless.
January 2015
Thank you so much...You are the best,
I really do appreciate you and the entire TM team, if we have differences or misunderstanding it is expected in any family.
Israel was excellent at the airport.
Testimonials 2015