tailor made tours in israel - TESTIMONIALS 2014

December, 2014
Dear Porit shalom,
I shall share my unforgettable TAILOR MADE memory and experience with my friends and clients.
Again thanks for your offer and assistance in Israel.
Sam Li, China

November, 2014
My Dearest Sister Josephine,
Thank you so much for your mail, hospitality and show of true love to my Pilgrims, Daughter and myself during our just ended November 2014 Pilgrimage to Israel.
You honoured me highly befored my people and made me proud to be associated with Tailor Made Tours.
I will never forget my experience with the Tailor Made Family. I have taken some good lessons from you.  
My warmest greetings and love to Porit, Bibian, Sigal, Ronnie, Israel and the good people of Tailor Made Tours Ltd.
F.B, Nigeria

November, 2014
Hii Josephine and Porit,
Hope this finds you well.
I  wish to Thank you from the bottom of my heart. The group arrived home safely and they are all happy about the trip.
they assured me everything went was perfectly organize and they enjoyed.
Thank you for making this possible and I look forward to more business opportunities with Tailor Made.
God bless you!
Carolyne, Kenya

November, 2014
Our 10.23 group has come back to Beijing. The tour leader Zhao Zhiliang said the tour guide Mrs. Dong did an excellent job, and the driver named Zohar was very very kind and professional. We hope you can use them more for our future group. Thanks for the great service.

November, 2014
Dear Biana,
Just a quick reply to thank you for organising a wonderful tour of Israel, it has been very much appreciated. Please pass on our regards to Zvika who was a very good guide and Ronnie who whisked us through the airport in double quick time, Again many thanks.
Kind regards…
Pete. UK

October, 2014
Chère Yana
Merci pour votre grand soutien et celui de tout le personnel de Tailor Made Tour pendant notre récent séjours en Israël.
Nous allons regarder vers l'avenir et mettre en place un meilleur système d'organisation.
 Je vous écris pour vous demander de nous donner la liste des Hôtels ou nos pèlerins ont habité en Israël avec si possible les dates.
Ces informations aident la communication entre ICEJ et le Ministère du Tourisme en Israël.
Merci d'avance pour votre aide et soyez bénis.
 A.Togo & Benin
October, 2014

I would like to thank you, Sigal and Avner for the extraordinary service you provided for our trip to lovely Israel. You made us feel like home.
Everything went to perfection. You guys went the extra mile to make everyone of us happy and comfortable.
It was fun and enjoyable.
Will be looking forward the next one next year. Waiting for our priest to come back to Auckland and will be in touch.
Salam to Josephine. Big thanks from us
J.B. New Zealand

October, 2014
We congratulate you on the Jerusalem feast of tabernacles, May God bless you and keep you and your people in Good health & happiness , May God be with you to guide you and keep your people in good health , peace forever long.
We love and enjoyed very much to work with you and we will try very best to make a planning for our guest travel on year of 2015 , Let us stay in touch
J.W. Hong Kong
October, 2014
Thanks Porit. Same wise pleasure meeting you. Everything was great
Still in London back next week and will start arranging for next one
J.B. New Zealand

September, 2014
Thank you again for all the hospitality and loves expressed to us while we were in Israel. We also enloyed all the arrangements and all preparations you made.
It was indeed a wonderful trip and am sure in will remain ever green in my memory.
Thanks and God bless.
M.U. Nigeria

​​August, 2014
The entire staff of Tailor Made Tours who took part it this pilgrimage excercise were quite outstanding and the pilgrimage was a lifetime  wonderful experience.Kudos!

August, 2014
It is a pleasure working with you and the rest of your team.
S.M. Israel

July, 2014
Thanks again for your encouragement! We love Israel, no matter when she is in peace or in war.
S.L. China

July, 2014
Hi Sigal,
We had a great time on the trip Sunday.  Itzhak did a great job too.  Thank you so much for the bus

July, 2014
I am the youngest person of our group..i just admire you ,you are very determined.Always striving for excellence.
H. Nigeria

July, 2014
Good morning Sigal
 Thank you so much, again, for all the help and planning for the SID Tour last week.  We had such a great time.  What a blessings and inspiration to have been in Israel (Jerusalem and all the other sites we visited)!
 I apologize that I did not greet you when we left on Thursday from Netanya.  We were late leaving the hotel and I could not see you.  Our flight was also delayed by one hour at Ben Burion Airport.  But praise God, everything went well.
I wish you and the TMT team all the best and may God keep you and protect you. We are praying for you and Israel.
 Many blessings and kind regards
L.P. South Africa

May, 2014
I have been directed  to refer  you to the above mentioned project and in particular  the quality of the ground handling services rendered to Nigerian Christian Pilgrims during  the 2014 Easter pilgrimage services.
I am also to add that the Commission is highly impressed by the fact  that you used only the approved hotels and all the approved Holy Sites were visited by the pilgrims. In fact, reports from the pilgrims show that the exercise was spiritually enriching  and they were well taken care of.
While we appreciate your efforts to ensure a spiritually fulfilling pilgrimage exercise for our pilgrims, please accept the best wishes of the Executive Secretary.
Dr.I.U. Nigeria
May, 2014
Dear Josephine,
A warm good morning and more Blessings to your efforts.
We landed safely in Lagos last night.
I appreciate every thing done to make our group a happy one. It was very well handled.
We pray for divine favour and support for the future.  Do remember to send details of other Tours, seminars, exhibitons and training workshops like discussed.
P.M. Nigeria

May, 2014
I highly appreciate the efforts put up by every one within such a very short notice. I knew for sure that I can always count on you (TMT) when the going gets tough.

May, 2014
Shalom. Thanks for all you did to make the tour a huge success. The team arrived safely. God bless and increase you mightily. 

May, 2014
Very nice to hear from you, we received several positively feedback since they reached Jerusalem, everyone are very fond of Ruth and impressed by your service , especially you met them personally with a lovely cake, it was a suprise to them too. Tailor made tours is definite an excellent operator for the destination of Israel and we do not need to wandering around to look for others, What a blessing and we will try to put more programme of Israel on our website and wish you will work together in near future
 May I take this opportunity to thank you once again for your great effort and patient , we will be in touch again.
J.H. Hong Kong

April, 2014
Thank you very much for your warmly reception during the visit of our company’s CEO Communication during this visit is very successful , we can feel your company’s specialty.We sincerely invite you two to visit ShangHai headquarter, to introduce our company in more detail to you and our CEO hopes that we can have more communications in the future’s cooperation. Wish the success of the future’s cooperation.
V. China
April, 2014
I am writing to place on record, my sincere appreciation on the reception granted me at your office in Tel Aviv a couple of days ago. Your warmth and that of your staff, especially that of Sigal did not go unnoticed. I pray this will be the beginning of a mutually benefiting working relationship between Tailor made and Ideal Pilgrimages. 
My regards to your beautiful twins and your loving husband.
Once more, thank you.

April, 2014
We appreciate your kind gesture to us while in Israel. Our trip was smooth to Nigeria.
Philip(mc of the occasion)s Nigeria
April, 2014
Thanks for everything from Nigeria to Turkey to Israel….from TLV Yaffo to Jerusalem for sightseeing, you are wonderful. May the Divine Nature of God always comfort you all. We have successfully arrived Nigeria and I am personally sharing my experience with intending pilgrims Nigeria are willing to come to Israel to gain first hand inform about all the holy spots visited by me and other, say a big shout to my tour guide King David Eskanzi, Mrs Imam Hadweh and our professional wonderful driver of bus 4, he is cool headed driver and I appreciate his skills and love to all pilgrims, cheers, best of wishes and luck. Shalom.
J.C.A  Nigeria

April, 2014
Dear Sigal,
 Appreciating your preparations for my group, Thanks for your time and all the help that you have done. Thank you very much,
Give regards to Josephine,
Ps.L Nigeria

April, 2014
Regards to all tailor made staffs, you are all wonderful. My warm regards to the Sister Jospine, the untoppable destiny kids and the family. Thanks for all you did to make our journey to holy land a successful one.
Pastor B Nigeria

April, 2014
Hellos Sigal,
Compliments of the day.
I just want to say thank you, while I had hoped I had a more pleasant experience, I do appreciate the efforts you made in trying to amend the situation.
Please extend my regards and appreciation to Mr. Israel, he was indeed very warm and pleasant. Pity I couldn't see him before my departure.
N. Nigeria
April, 2014
Dear Mrs Sigal Hammershlag
Thanks and a very big thanks for a job well done.
We were at the Airport Lagos to welcome all the tourists on Friday.
The atmosphere was all full of joy as each and everyone of the tourists have fantastic testimonies about the whole tours. 
Please, note ma, we want you to keep those Hotels used for this group in mind as we look forward for the tours of June 2014 by God's grace.
The guide Mr Avshalom was so good and very caring so said all the group.
 Our sincere appreciation to your able and capable president Mrs Josephine and her Husband Mr Zinder, and of course all Tailor Made Tours.
Tailor Made Tours is (oga) first. A worthy partner in Progress.
We Covenant, as a ministry of our Lord Jesus-Christ, discover Tailor Made at the right time, and we are really grateful to God.
Also, a very big thank you for the letter of ground handler agreement you sent to us.

April, 2014
Dear my very warm and close friend Josephine!
 I was happy to stay in Israel (even short unfortunately) and to be so warm welcomed from Tailor Made.
That's truth I felt like to be with family. And all my clients felt the same. Thanks to you, your great staff and great atmosphere which you accumulate.
Yana and Ksenia are really angels))) Professional angels!
I don't have words to say how much I appreciate for all what we got from Tailor Made.
I also want to congratulate you and your husband with big happiness having children. I'm sure you are so talent and strong to keep family and company in the same perfect way as you do!
My warm hugs. And hope to re[peat every year this nice story!
E. Russia

March, 2014
TMT, you are an outfit to beat. Just came back from Israel on 27th March and you were responsible for the trip. Every thing about you is EATWT. The hotels, the trips, the fun and the people. Warmest regards to Bronen, my tour guide and his colleague the bus driver. When next I am in Israel, it sure will be TMT. Shalom.
P.S.D Nigeria
March, 2014
Ксюша, Яна, девочки мои дорогие!
 Я  с большой любовью и признательностью вспоминаю вашу заботу обо мне. 
Нет слов, чтобы описать, как я довольна нашим сотрудничеством, вашим профессионализмом и таким душевным подходом и ко мне, и к моим клиентам, и к нашему проекту в целом. 
Откровенно сказать за все 15 лет работы, имея прекрасных крупных партнеров и друзей по всей Европе, таких партнеров я не встречала. Компания Тэйлор мэйд затмила всех))
Надеюсь Джозефина сумеет прочитать написанное. СПАСИБО ВСЕМ!!!
E. P Russia

March, 2014
Nice job for you peoples, i really appreciate all your effort on this job, May God reward you
A.L Nigeria
March, 2014
Dear Mrs. Sigal.
Good and most beautiful day my sister.
Our sincere appreciations for the excellent handling of our group by Tailor Made Tours.
The various testimonies from the tourists are incredible.
You have always been there for us since we joined Tailor Made Tours as a team.
Thanks a million.
Mrs. F. J (Nigeria)

March, 2014
Dear Mrs Josepine, 
You are wonderfully made with every one that God has given you to make this organization a sucess. You are really touching people''s life. More grace. Like to see you again and I will alway chose Tailor Made. Regards to all the staffs, special to my wonderful guide Itarmar. 
Pastor B. Nigeria

February, 2014
My dear darling Josephine n Eran,
Shalom, Thank u so much for your love n Hospitality.
Throughout my stay in Israel I had a wonderful time the group enjoyed their stay
Love you all you are so precious to us.
Bless you, you are in our prayer.
S. (India)
February, 2014
Dear Mr Eugene.
Happy new year to you and all Tailor Made family.
The special touch of Tailor Made to the tours of November 2013 was incredible, and unforgettable memories, not only for Covenant Travel Tours as company, but to all tourists that was part of our group.
Many of those pastors who tour the Holy land with us last year are all praying for Tailor Made, most especially for your beautiful, charismatic, intelligent, loving, strong and very courageous president, Mrs Josephine and the Husband.
Pastor D. (Nigeria)

January, 2014
I appreciate TMT Transportation. i just stumbled on the map we were given at Isreal when i went for prigimage.And i decided to say a big thank you to Tailor Made Tour.Excellent all the way through.I was among those that used TMT transport while i was in Isreal in 2011.
M. A. (Nigeria)
January, 2014
Dear Biana and the Lovely People of Tailor Made Tours Ltd,
Many tanks for this wonderful gift of love to be part of my joy today.
I am in deed very grateful and love you all more than ever before.
God bless you richly.
F. B. (Nigeria)

January, 2014
Dear Yana
I would like to say thank you a lot for everything you did for us.  I reached home safely. Thanks to God! 

Testimonials 2014