tailor made tours in israel - TESTIMONIALS 2003-2013
December, 2013
Dear Mrs Josephine.
Praise the Lord.
Please pardon us for not writing you as soon as we arrived Lagos Nigeria, it was as a result of the lost of the husband of one of our tourists who was with us in November.
Every words here are from the bottom our the hearts, of all of us who made up the group in November.
Taylor Made tours is God's ministry of reconciliation of the Gentiles church of God in Africa, particularly Nigeria and the Hebrew nation of Israel.
Thank you and thank you again, we are still praying for you, that Taylor Made will be the instrument the Almighty God will use to reconcile all of Africa to Israel, from Cape Town to Cairo, from Dakar to Nairobi, all over Africa in Jesus Name.
Our last  tours was wonderful, colorful, beautiful,
Every moment was so full of lively and beautiful care, from our guide, our driver, the hotels, the cuisine.
We love it all.
We want to use this opportunity to tell you that WE LOVE YOU MA.
Please tell your husband Mr Zinder  that WE LOVE YOU SIR.
Also permit us to let you know that we are planning tours for the month of March 2014.
Hopefully, as the Lord God lives and his grace available, we will mail all detailed information to you first week of January 2014.
Sis. F. (Nigeria)
December, 2013
Dear Porit,
Greetings to you,
on behalf of our team and promised land ministries we thank you for the extended support when we are in holy land. our team was totally happy for the way in which you people received and treated.
we hope to continue the same in the coming future.
S. (India)
December, 2013
Dear Eran and Josephine Zinder,
Shalom! This is to inform you that I arrived safely in Lagos, Nigeria and wish to once again express my appreciation for the high quality of service that we received during our visit. We would keep you updated on our business development as it relates to travel to Israel.
You are the best. Thanks for the gifts. My wife is overjoyed.
N. O. (Nigeria)
December, 2013
I am really impressed with the way your company organised the tour. As far as coparison is concerned you are surely the best. I'm going to share  my observation concerning the tour which is positive with others
I will surely send a copy to you.
Please keep the flag flying YOU ARE THE BEST.
S. P. (Nigeria)

December, 2013
I am not sure it is too early to appreciate the top quality services provided by your company that have now created confusion in the camp of the other group of Rotarians that came to Israel. Our group members walked tall and were very proud to be associated with your top notch services. We are already receiving offers for return trips and development of new businesses.
N. O. rotary organization
December, 2013
Dear and very special Josephine!
We all send our love greetings on this holiday HANUKA!!!!!!!!!!!!
May God of miracles show many of them in your life !
Please, greet your husband on our behalf!
We thank you for your attitude and kindness to us. May God bless you!
E. R. (Russia)
November, 2013
On behalf of my bus number 6, 2013 pilgrims I am very grateful to the director and manager of Tailor Made Tours ltd for their evangelism and spiritual revival of the pilgrim contingents through your "God Made" (Tailor Made) company.
May God reward you endlessly in Jesus' name
One of the best choices you have made is having M. C. as your tour guide. He is very friendly, kind, a father indeed and above all, Bible historian. Our conclusion is that he knows the job. If we should have another pilgrimage to come next year, kindly assign him to us.
Fear not. God is with you. With your faith in the savior and Living Jesus Christ, you will continue your good services with Nigerian government. No shaking!
Remain Blessed!!!
Rev. J.A. (Nigeria)
November, 2013
Dear sister and wonderful friend,
My heart is filled with joy as I write to thank you and the entire TMT team for the wonderful services rendered to my group  both in our August and November 2013 tour of the Holy Land.
Every member of the groups left Israel with great impression that made me very proud of you. On arrival in Nigeria they appealed to me to convey their sincere regards to you.
Abundant blessings.
Toda raba.
M. U. (Nigeria)
November, 2013
Dear Biana,
I write from the buttom of my heart to thank you for such a wonderful way with which you handled my group's tour of the Holy Land in this November 2013.
Starting from the first day my darling friend, Sigal introduced you, till the last day of our visit, you have been very wonderful in your understanding, dedication to your duties and patience in the face of many adjustments.
I just want to say a big thank you and God bless..
M. U. (Nigeria)
November, 2013
Dear Judit,
We had a very good time in Israel. The program was fine and Bente did a terrific job. Also Walid, the driver, was good. We are all very satisfied.
Thank You and God Bless!
R. (Sweden)
November, 2013
Good afternoon Porit
Thank you very much for extending your personal attention and hospitality to our group on our maiden venture to the Holy Land.
Received the beautiful PEN that you sent for me.
תודה רבה, חן חן, רב תודות
The group had a wonderful time on their trip and were all smiles and praises when I received them at Mumbai airport on arrival. It was also amazing to see Perpetual's group too was interacting so well with our group and were like a family.
Once again I thank you for everything and look forward to meet you in the near future.
Thanks and regards
K. Z. (India)
October, 2013
I would like to thank Tailor Made tours ltd for caring us much as they can.
And as we hear is holy land country we really believe that because of their kindness to us and may god bless the country and us whole.  
God bless TMT and the country of Israel and they are welcome in Kenya
J.K. (Kenya)

October, 2013
Dear Porit,
Hope you are all OK.
I just want to express my heart felt thanks to you & your colleagues with a deep sense of gratitude
for the wonderful service you have provided to our group. Each and everyone member of the group
is extremely happy from the point of arrival to the point of departure.
You have left no room for us to complain about anything. There might have been some but because 
of the overwhelming goodness we couldn't notice of anything.  The tour guide, Mr Oehir, was very
knowledgeable, understanding, patient & all-rounded. In my view, an asset. The driver was also very
good. The hotels were clean & food was excellent. The program was well thought of and it wasn't tiring
at all.  
 True to your slogan, it was Excellence throughout.  
Again, a massive thank you for such splendid performance.
 Hopefully, I will keep in touch.
Warm regards.
B. (UK)

September, 2013
Dear Judy,
No words can express how much we love Israel and Israeli people :-) even though we just stayed there 3 days. Your people are friendly and nice, your country is so beautiful.  Especially we were very lucky to have you to guide us all the time in Israel. Am glad that I had a good choice when I sent request email to you - Tailor Made Tours. We are great appreciated of your professional job and hope we can come back one day.
Thanks for all the efforts on our trip. Take care and wish you have a bright future .
God bless you guys!
G.T. (Thailand)

September, 2013
Hi Josephine!!!
We're back home, happy and fullfilled!  Thanks for everything, once again, it was a great trip.
Bless you , Tailor Made Tours, and your family!
September, 2013
Dear Porit,
Just taking time-out to say hello to you.  I have been meaning to write to you ever since my return from Israel back to Trinidad.  I had such an awesome experience that it will take many years to erase any part of the joy I feel in seeing and being in your country.
Yourself and Jalal are part of the reason my trip was such a wonderful experience.  Thanks to both of you and to your company.  Let your boss lady know that I had someone inscribe my name on the certificate and I am going to frame it, so all is well.
Thanks again for a job well done, much appreciated.  Say hello to Jalal for me.  I will write to him at another time.
Take care of yourself now until another time. 
Pat P. (Trinidad)

September, 2013
Dear Friends,
Much appreciation again for your excellent handling of this tour and the JP ceremony.  On behalf of all the members of my wonderful group, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and pray God to bless the entire Tailor Made Tours team.
I would always to bless and pray for Josephine and her entire family for being such a wonderful friend and and business partner.
Wishing you a beautiful weekend.
Shabbat Shalom.
MU (South afirca)

August, 2013
Choice greetings,
Here is our evaluation of TM in brief,
Natalia and Yana were outstanding, Guides were very good, but Hetzel was superb.  The JP Ceremony very good, and the Buses were Super!  Drivers were very good and so were the hotels.  Airport assistance was very exccellent by Mr. Israel, a very kind and great gentleman.
Overall TM you were excellent and we say we have found a great partner in TM
Best regards to all of you
Much love and appreciation.

August, 2013
Dear Mrs. Zinder - Good evening,
I just want to use this medium to appreciate you for your motherly role you played during our tour over there.    We really enjoyed your company and pray that God will take you and your company to higher ground in Jesus name.
I pray that you will eat the fruit of your labor in the name of the most high God.
God bless you, God bless Tailor Made company.

July, 2013
Choice greetings Natalia,
You the Tailor Made people are the most wonderful people I have ever worked with since I started going to nations of the world.
Thank you for being a blessing and for the wonderful service you offered to us. We are all happy.
P. (Africa)

July, 2013
Dear Mrs. Zinder,
We are in phone contact with the group every day, and the reports coming from them are so so fantastic. We really praise God Almighty for you, all your staff, especially Mrs Mira, the guide of the group. Thanks ma, we are very grateful to God and to you ma. The Lord, the EL-GADOL bless you and bless your family.
God bless Jerusalem.
God bless Israel.
God bless Tailor Made Tours.
Mrs F. (Nigeria)

July, 2013
Shalom Masha,
So, I want to start by saying a huge thank you to Tailor Made Tours and all the hard work you put into this tour to make it happen. You are much appreciated and a gem. :) Also, the group really was impressed by Tailor Made Tours and loved getting the certificates and pins...they also enjoyed the cake of course. :) I do have the "Tour Evaluation Forms" so I will get them to you.
Thank you so much and Cheers,
P.F. (Israel)

July, 2013
גוזיפין יקרה.
היה נפלא ואיכותי. הייתי והתרשמתי מאיכות וטיב השרות.  תודה לכולכם.  נעשה סיכום מסודר ונעדכן על הלקחים.  גם שי קטן.. תודה שוב.
J. (Israel)

June, 2013
Dear Josephine Zinder, I just wanted to thank you and your Company for the very interesting, educational, and spirit-filled tour that I experienced on the recent tour to the Holy Land, June 10-19, 2013.  Kindly pass on our good wishes to your Tour Guide, Auric, and Jalal, your Driver, who were exceptional ambassadors.
I am sure that I can speak on behalf of our entire Group of 34, mostly from Barbados and Trinidad & Tobago in the Caribbean, but also including four persons from the UK, and one from the USA.
With thanks,
Yours sincerely.

June, 2013
Hi Dinara,
My only question and only complain is to say a big thank you and wishing you safe delivery.  My regard to the Tailor Made team, your husband and once again thank you.
P.J. (Nigeria)

June, 2013
Dear Mr. Gidron,
 Thank you very much for your enthusiasm. Believe that our clients are very happy and satisfied of the trip. Hope that our cooperation will be fruitful.
J. (Vietnam)

June, 2013
Dear Mrs. Josephine Zinder & Tailor Made Tours Isreal.
It is my pleasure to pick up my pen from the basket of love to thank you and your husband for the way you people hosted us at the seminar 2013 January Christian Prigrims.
I am very grateful to you and your continued support, may God continue to uplift you and your family.
ECS (Nigeria)

June, 2013
Hello Yana!
Thanks a lot for your Sabbath greetings and your care for us.  We are now at the airport waiting for boarding, everything went perfectly well.
Thanks again, and have a good Sabbath. 
T. (Norway)

June, 2013
Dear Josephine Zinder,
My wife and I would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to you for the kind hospitality rendered to us during our stay in Jerusalem, the Holy city. You have made our stay in Israel very pleasant and memorable.
Thank you very much again and God bless you.
Sincerely Yours,
M.N. (Ethiopia)

June, 2013
Shalom Natali,
Thanks for your support!  My people are very happy and am very proud of what Tailor Made has done for me!  I am now working to prepare for other group to Israel!
Hoping to hear from you.
Kind regards,
B. (Ghanna)

June, 2013
Thank you for all of your hard work and for your wonderful attitude! I really appreciated how easy it was to work with you. Thank you!!
Many blessings,
M. (Israel)

June, 2013
Dear Porit,
Shalom from India!
It was once again a pleasure to meet you. We sure had a wonderful experience in Israel once again with the great efforts of Tailor Made Tours. Thank you very much.
As talked to you on phone, here are the details of our next group scheduled in November this year.
R. (India)

June, 2013
How wonderful it is to be in union with those who are very close to God. I have been wondering what actually is your motivating factor in being so caring, loving and generous?
May the good LORD  continue to strengthen and reward you according to the riches of his glory.
We really enjoyed our stayed in Israel. Our tour guide was extremely good and wonderful. He is a father indeed.We also appreciate Mr Goldstein Israel and all his contributions to make our trip a success.
The parents are equally grateful for your kindness and support.
Furthermore the medical attention given to the student who was sick was powerful and not to be compared with what is obtainable here. She came back very strong and sound.
We appreciate your loving kindness and promise you our fervent prayers and hard work.
Loving appreciation.
Sr TMU (Nigeria)

May, 2013
Dear Nataliya, Shalom
 You made my trip already special for our tour leader Fr Boniface.
I am so  great full to you and Mrs. Josephine and kindly on pass our appreciation.
 Thank you once again for your continuous support and do appreciate it.
Payment will be made immediately.
 Kind Regards
D.  (South Africa)

May, 2013
Dear Nataliya,
Thank you for this. That was a beautiful job well done !
Warm regards.
PPT (Africa)

May, 2013
Dear Masha, Porit, Yana, Josephine,
First thing that comes in mind is: girl power! :-)
I just received the final feedback from our clients and they are very satisfied.
For me, with a relief, this opens the way to more business between our companies. Next to this.. I'm glad for another reason, because I don't think I can miss you all. Yeeh! :-)
To be continued.
Thank you,
M. (Netherland)
April, 2013
The entire Board, Management and Staff of MTT Int'l, wishes to express their profound gratitude toward the success of this April Trip. Our appreciation to the President of Tailor Made Tours (Josephine), Dinara, Israel etc and other crew who have contributed in one way or the other toward this trip.  We thank you for the contributions made most especially the fare given to us, the hotel/accommodation, transfers, visa, tour guide, and other things involved.
We are very grateful for everything you have done. We believe this is a long time relationship that G-D is involved, we pray it will continue to be a successful journey,
We are sincerely grateful
From all of us we say THANK YOU!!!
G-D bless you all in JESUS name

April, 2013
Shalom Shalom Dinara,
 I write to inform you that we are doing good and also to thank you and the Management of Tailor Made for your excellent services. We are enjoying ourselves (both the First Timers and the multiple timers JP). We are looking forward to the JP Ceremony this evening.

April, 2013
Shalom Shalom Sweet Sister Josephine ,
Thank you very much for everything. We (Jesus People,Josephine People, and Jerusalem Pilgrims) are all happy.  We have checked in and about to board the plane to Nigeria.. Will write you from Nigeria.
Remain blessed in Jesus name . Amen!
i.C. (Nigeria)

April, 2013
Hello Yana!
Thank you for a wonderful stay!  And big thank you to Josephine and Eran!
Ps M (Guadeloupe)

April, 2013
Dear Masha,
Many thanks for updating.  I sincerely thank you and Tailor Made for the efforts for doing this blessed trip, I believe that our group is in your good hands.  Once again thank you so much Masha.
Regards & God bless.
R.J. (Malaysia)

April, 2013
Dear Mrs. Porit, Dinara, Nir Shalom! 
Thank you for the wonderful trip in Jerusalem. I'm really appreciated. I'm very happy meeting you today. I would love to co-operate with you dear and thank you for your cake .  Your service is fabulous dear.  This time I got to know so many things, I would figure out with my colleague in Bangkok.  I would sending you all the informations where to visit, how to do, the planning trip.  The next group would be in July.  Thank you again!
Best Regards,
Mrs.O (Thailand)

April, 2013
Mrs. Zinder, You are a gift not only to christians but entire humanity. 
You are an epitome of excellence and highly gifted daughter of God.
I will forever remember you and Tailor Made company, you are always remembered in my prayers.
I love you and your husband
Nigeria, Easter - 2013
B.L. (Nigeria)

March, 2013
Dear Josephine,
Thank u very much for all you do.  I have spoken to my sick pilgrim this morning.  He is getting better. Thanks alot!
My sincere greetings to Eran, your Life and the entire TAILOR MADE family.
A. (Nigeria)

March, 2013
Dear All,
Just got a feedback from the customer that they had a good trip!
They specially commented about the guide Herzel & the driver being excellent.
Thank you all for your patience & cooperation!
Look forward to remain associated for all our future queries.
R. (India)

March, 2013
Dear Porit, Shalom!
How are you?  I had a wonderful time there.  I just entered my office.  
Services by Tailor Made is excellent.
S. (India).

March, 2013
Dear Tailor Made, 
A huge thank you for all that you've done!   I especially thank you for the blessings and for the personal invite.  I have seen so much, and so many new things have been brought to out attention.  Thank you again!
Please send my personal regards to Mrs. Josephine Zinder, you didn't have to but you've gone above and beyond.
E. (Russia)

March, 2013
Dear Ms Josephine
Peace and Grace,  first of all I would like to say thank you and well done for all the arrangements made.
Porit and Marsha helped in beautifully.  I really can feel the presence of God.
Everyone is excited to come to Jerusalem.  I can feel and see their happy faces.
Thank you and take care.
God Bless
S. (Malaysia)

March, 2013
Dear Josephine, wishing you good day...  I am also happy to hear from you always too.  You have Big heart for Nigeria and do over and beyond what is expected. Lovely to see.
Safe travels G-d Bless You.
R. (USA)
March, 2013
Dear Masha, a BIG thank you for all your hard work, I understand it is your job, but you do it with a smile and a committed attitude which is admirable. :) Your the best!!!!
Z. (Israel)
March, 2013
 Dear Josephine,  I made it to the airport and am ready to head for home.  It was a wonderful lunch and time to talk.  Thank you so very much for the support regarding Aliyah.   I Really appreciate you getting the room in Tel Aviv.  You have all the correct options.
   Please share with your husband how much I enjoyed our ride to the hotel.   You are the best and please thank everyone for all the hard work they do.
 Love to all,

March, 2013
Shalom,  I have wonderful comment from everyone on the trip about your driver and guide.  They're wonderful! 
Thank you!
Rev. S  (USA)

February, 2013
Good evening Mr. & Mrs. Josephine Zinder, Shalom!
Words  are inadequate to express my profound gratitude to you.  You have made me proud and my people who came with me were overwhelmed.  We took your time and you gave us the best reception ever.  May the Almighty G-d grant you honour from generation to generation.  May your story open doors in all nations. May the voice of your Children be heard and their request granted by the Lord always. I say a big  thank you(Toda ~ Raba) from the depth of my heart.
Bishop C. (Africa)

    February, 2013
 Dear Dinara greetings to you and your beloved President.
Thanks for the support you have extended to our organisation and assure you that we will work hard and achive the said target, thanks and regards.
S. (India)

February, 2013
Great news!!! The visa is in the mail.  
Thank you so much for all your hard work and attention to detail.  It is very much appreciated J
J.B. (USA)

February, 2013
Over the years Tailor Made Tours Israel has proved to be a formidable force in handling of group, family, business and leisure tours in Israel. Josephine and her team have a big mark in tourism industries in Israel.  We are happy to be associated with this giant in the industries.
M.U. (South Africa)

February, 2013
Beloved Avi, merry christmas and prosperous new year in advance.  Knowing and working with you during my pilgrimage to your cherished land of promise will forever remain memorable.  Your truthfulness has endeared you into my heart.  I love and hope to meet you again in no distant future.  Tailor Made Tours is the best. Got a good driver.  Best compliments to Josephine the President of Tailor Made Tours.  She is caring and sociable.  SHALOM.
Pastor C. (Nigeria)

January, 2013
Shalom Josephine,
Thank you very much for open your doors for me once again. I will uphold the good image of Tailor Made Tours to make all proud.
Thank you and God richly bless you my dear.
B.  (Ghana)

January, 2013
Our beloved Dinara, Shalom!
We are happily looking forward to seeing you soon in Israel as our hearts pants to enter the Holy land again and meet loved ones.  We will continue to say thank you to Mrs. Josephine Zinder and you for all the love and benefit we have enjoyed at your hands.  May the Almighty G-d continue to bless you all and the Tailor Made Tour group. 
We would also love to visit mount of transfiguration (mount tarbor) for an hour prayer section.
Secondly, if Mira or Orit is free to take us, we will be glad.  They are wonderful all the way as Tailor Made always perform excellence all the way.
Love from all of us in Nigeria
C.O (Nigeria)

January, 2013
Shalom Masha,
Thank you once again for all your hard work in making this Zealous January 2013 tour a success.  Everyone had an amazing time and they have all been touched in amazing ways.  Despite being a small group, this tour was a big success!
Thank you once again for everything. I will be in touch shortly with a few changes we would like to propose for the June 2013 tour to finalize it. Thank you and have a wonderful day.
P.F. (Israel)

January, 2013
Thanks Josie and Eran.  My best wishes as you plan to bring in this great company of Ethiopian believers.
Elections in Israel is my heart. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will give you leaders that will lead excellently all the way through! Thanks and God Bless my family.
I & A (Nigeria) 

January, 2013
Thank u very much ma, 4 ur care & encouragement while in d holy land. Ur assistance at d airport, etc.
Let God almighty bless u beyond ur expectations.  Jesus is real.  Believe in him.
0.N. (Nigeria)

January, 2013
Dear Josephine, Shalom! 
Thank you so much yesterday for all your effort to get the visas confirmed. I also really appreciate your words of encouragement. I was so touch when you said, "we plan, God sits up and laugh". All things work together for good for those that love The Lord. I trust that everything will be ok on Sunday. 
Once again thank you so much for your effort and support. I pray that God continues to give us strength in Jesus Name. Amen.
Best Regards,
Rev. P.D.
Exec. Director

January, 2013
My darling Sister, Dinara, Shalom!
A very happy Christmas in arrear and a prosperous new year in advance. I really wish to come to see you and arrange our next batch of Pilgrimage with Mrs. Josephine Zinder.  She has been very kind to me and am preparing to come. I will arrange and come between now and February ending.  I love you and I know that you know this and I have miss you so much. My love for you is on how you care and make others comfortable in the Holy land, how you check on Pilgrims when they are in Israel and how you respond quickly to our mail.  Dinara, am truly grateful. Greet everybody for me with words of love.
December, 2012
Shalom Josephine and Eran!
Thank you for last time we met in Israel.  And again - thank you so much for what you did
for Mr. R.  We will never forget that.  We got a relaxing tour to Israel, and Mr. R's
health got better and better.
Our hearts are always with Israel - and our precious friends in this unique nation.  We love
you so much.  We hope to see you in Norway, Oslo and Brunstad some day.  But also in Bergen
and in our nice hotel Panorama.  You are offered a stay here HB for 2-3 days - free.  If you
come to Bergen, Mr. R. and I will be your host and hostess.
We wish you and your family a merry Christmas, and Rag Zamer for the Channucka celebration. 
God bless !  Luke 1. and 2. chapter.
With gratitude and love,
JM and RJ

December, 2012
I have had much pleasure to congratulate your Tailor Made Tours Company for excellent service delivery for
the success of the K. X. PILGRIMAGE programme which was done early to mid December, 2012.
I also want to remind the President of the Company of my short meeting with her after the sendforth party
for the K. contingents regarding K. State collaboration with Israel in the area of Agriculture.
I wish to open up a dialogue with her concerning this.
Prof. James A.

December, 2012
Dear Josephine,
Now I´m back home and also back in office. Thank´s a lot for the time in Israel! It was nice and good
meeting and talking to you. I also appreciated to meet the guides in Jlm. It´s always much easier to
work with people you have met.  Give my thank´s to Eran and also to Mr Israel.  Mr Israel is a good and
nice man and a good representative for your company.
 Have a Merry Christmas! We will be in touch.
All the best!

December, 2012
Onbehalf of the Agricultural Team I wish to express our appreciation to you for the elaborate arrangement
you have made for us and the wonderful tour guide in the person of Mishi Solomon and our driver Arie.
Thank you on onbehalf of Delta State.
G. W. A.

December, 2012
Hello Masha, thank you so much for sending this. Everything looks perfect. I do not see anything out
of place. You are the best! I mean that, you have been wonderful filling in for Nina and I commend
you. :) So, you can send me the official invoice please and I will pass that on to our accounting
department to pay you.
 Apart from that, can you send the program to Tom. That would be wonderful.
Cheers and thank you,
Channukah Samech!

November, 2012
Dear Tailor Made,
Permit me to express my unreserved gratitude unto God, you and Tailor Made, for sponsoring my 2012
pilgrimage to the Holy Land of Israel. The good Lord will reward your labour of love,
in Jesus name - Amen.  Rev. SAMUEL A. S.

November, 2012
Dear Josephine,
Compliments to you my dear sister, and many thanks for the warm reception accorded to me during my 
last week visit to Israel.  How is your health now,and  hope you are back on your feet.
Please take things easy, all will be well.  You and your team----Israel,Porit ,Dinara, Yana et al are just so nice!  My special thanks to Mr Israel Goldstein for his kind assistance althrough.
Please extend  warm regards to them all.
We look foward to working with you very soon.
Shallom, God bless you.
Thanks again,

November, 2012
We thank the keeper of Israel,He has been faithful in dealing with the nation of Israel may God grant Israel permanent peace within the committee of nations Amen.  Tailor Made is our trade mark we will stand with you
as you link us to the base of our Faith the Land of GOD. Best regards to my friend, your life.
Gabriel S. 

Novemeber, 2012
Am overwhelm with joy over the way Israel handled the entire issue. We are with Israel and the nation observe
the Shabath today. How is the situation now? We know that victory is sure by the grace of God.
Pilgrims who wish to come to worship God are praying for the peace of Jerusalem. Again we declare our stand
that we stand with Israel in every way.  Our love to Mr. Zinder and your entire family. Greet all the
faithful staff of Tailor Made Tours.
Bishop C.

November, 2012
My dear Mr. and Mrs. Zinder,
Each time I think of you am overwhelm with your commitment to details,generosity and integrity.
Since returning I Ve not actually said thank you for your gifts and generosity. Please accept our
gratitude and the Lord reward you.
Pastor C.

November, 2012
Shalom Shalom!
This is Pastor N., Bishop F. administrator.
We like to appreciate you sincerely for your immense contribution in making our Holy Land Tour
2012 a phenomenal success.  Greetings to Israel, Etti, Samuel and others includding the man
behind the scene, your husband. We quite appreciate you. We will soon begin the planning for
the next trip.

October, 2012
Hello Maria and TMT Team,
Thanks a tonne for the perfect action.
This is an outstanding team work that I have seen in this trip organisation. 
Till Time take care. 
Thanks and regards,
V.T. (India)

 October, 2012
Again thank you for the wonderful service for the group.
Because of you the travel agent was a hero and that is the best outcome!
J. (USA)

October, 2012
Dear Nina,
Once again I would like to say, that it was a pleasure for us to meet fantastic people in such a great place.
With best regards,
P.Z. (Poland)

October, 2012
Dear Tailor Made,
I want to encourage you to keep doing what you know best, Continue to inject the new spirit and dynamism
which you brought within this years of operations in the handling of the Pilgrims who value your services
alot.  I commended you for your efforts in taking Tailor Made Tours limited to the height it has attained.
O. k. j. (Nigeria)

October, 2012
Our Dearest brother and Sister,
You have made us proud by your distinguished service. It was really Tailor Made. We thank God for you
becauseyou didn't fail Him and our people. God will continue to help and direct u. We're grateful for d
kingly welcome. We love u keep up d good job. We have all arrived safely.
Jesus is Lord.
S. & C. B. (Nigeria)

September, 2012
Dear Josephine!
The tremendous generous, and we can't do otherwise than thank you so much for this warm handshake. 
We are really pleased.  Now we can't wait untill we arrive Israel and will see you and Eran again.  
Your thankfull friends
R. and J. (Norway)

August, 2012
Dear Dinara,
Greetings to you.
We are glad to send our thanks to you and your organization for putting all your efforts in making our
trip so blessed and so interesting We are happy and all our group members sending the appreciation in
regarding the efforts you have taken in making the trip so successfully.
Thanks and regards
S. (India)

August, 2012
I want to thank you for your excellent service that Tailor made tours,has provided for us in
recent time in Isreal.We thank all your staff Remain blessed in Jesus name
I. O. (Nigeria)

August, 2012
Good Morning My Dearest Sister and Believer
Thank you for a wonderful and spritual upliftment trip to Israel.
we arrived safely and healty.  You taught me a lot to appreciate life more than all the
wealth in this life. Thank you my Sister and remeber I am here for you
Your Sister
F.O. (Nigeria)

August, 2012
Hello my sister in Christ.
We were very blessed with a smooth travel home. Please convey our most gratitute to both Israel Goldstein
and Ettie who were with us until we all boarded the flights. We are lost to words but know that they shall be abundantly blessed in heaven.  Thank you very much Josephine, you were a blessing on us and the people cannot
stop talking about you. That is what is called 'professionalism' and compassion to what you mean to undertake. Keep it up sister and be blessed more.
P. M. (South Africa)

August, 2012
Greetings Nina,
Shalom. Again I want to say how much we enjoyed our recent trip to Israel and all of the support of Tailor Made.
Wishing you all the best,
M. B. (Colorado, USA)

July, 2012
Dear Josephine,
It was experience and a great privilege to meet someone like you, Next to the love of the
land and the highest professional criteria gives the place to caring and sensitivity.
I want to thank you for the partnership way, Zionist, professionalism, friendship and
fruitful endeavor that brought us success!
T.S. (Israel)

July, 2012
,ג'וזפין היקרה
הייתה זו חוויה וזכות גדולה להכיר אדם כמוך, שלצד אהבת הארץ והקריטריונים המקצועיים
הגבוהים ביותר נותנת את המקום לאכפתיות ולרגישות! ברצוני להודות לך על השותפות לדרך,
הציוניות, המקצועיות, החברות והעשייה הפורה שהביאה לנו הצלחות!
ת.ס.) ישראל)
July, 2012
Dear Josephine,
I take the opportunity to inform you that the group arrived safely in Botswana.
I cannot express the heartfelt appreciation to you and your team for your extraordinary
facilitation you provided. We are deeply
Please convey our deep gratitude.
Gbu, kindest regards,
M. (England)

July, 2012
Received with great appreciation.  A. was a terrific tour guide. 
Well informed. This was my third visit to Israel.  He made a difference.
L. M.

July, 2012
This is R. T. J., saying toda rava to you Tailor Made Tours. Your services was exceptional,
above all the tourist guide in my group I highly honor and respect him, A.. My stay in
Israel for three weeks was the most rewarding. God bless you all. May your tribe
R. T. J. (Philippines)

July, 2012
Thanks alot for your wonderful point of dedication and commitment demonstrated during our
last pilgrimage to Israel.  You were indeed very wonderful. Your staff, both guides and
drivers most especially the guide and the driver of Bus 2 for which I was the captain were
very wonderful. Greet all of them.
Many thanks.
V. R.O A.

July, 2012
Shalom Josephine,
We just wanted to thank you so much on behalf of Zealous82 and Bridges for Peace for your standard of excellence that Tailor Made Tours sets and for your amazing and incredible team that you have assembled.
It was wonderful to work with Nina and Israel and it is always a pleasure. It continues to be a privilege
to work alongside you and we appreciate you very much. We look forward to continuing our relationship in the future and hosting more Zealous82 Tours through Tailor Made Tours. Thank you so much and have a wonderful shabbat shalom.
C. (Israel)

July, 2012
Dear Mrs. Josephine:
First of all, allow me to express my deepest gratitude for everything I experienced while in
Israel, and also allow me to say to you and your team Thank You So Much for your email full
with heart touching thoughts, insights and good wishes.  It was a great privilege and joy of
meeting you and I believe that it's no accident. Thank you very much for your tremendous hospitality,
and love, and thoughtfulness in everything what was said, done, seen or planned.
Thank you very much!  I wish to you and your dear ones indomitable courage, unquenchable
spirits, resilience through any challenges, frustrations, and heartaches which are an
inseparable part of our spiritual journey!  
E. (Kenya)

July, 2012
Dear Josephine and Eran,
Thank you for the lively time we spent in Israel !
For the fruitful meetings and time you spent with us. 
Send our regards to all,
Best wishes, 
A. and K. (China)
July, 2012
Dear Josie and Eran,
In just a few short hours from now we will be leaving the special land of Israel. What a wonderful and
memorable time we have had here!  Your kindness and generosity to us is overwhelming. The places we have
been able to experience, the wonderful food we have enjoyed, the superb hotels and Nof Ginosar kibbutz
where we have stayed, our private tour guide and driver, of course, the wonderful Sabbath evening that
we spent with you—thank you so much for your beautiful hospitality. We will be giving a report to our
church about our time here in Israel and will encourage people to come experience Israel for themselves.
We hope to see you again in Israel and when you can visit.
Your friends,
C., G., D. & H. (USA)

July, 2012
I want to thank very sincerely all assistance given by you. The tour was outstanding. And you have a high
level.  The guides were true teachers of history and archeology. In fairness, you can use the word for
excellence in service are excellent.
A big hug.
W. B. (Ecuador)

July, 2012
I am personally proud of you and Tailor made Tours for the wonderful way our Pilgrimage was handled.
Thanks a lot.
Bishop C. (Nigeria)
October, 2011
Dear Josephine greetings.
Let me thank u for the support so for extended to us. We are hoping to go with you for a long run with your support.  We are planning to expand our services to entire south of India. 
I would like to inform you about my expansion to you,  and we are looking for a longer relationship with you in the coming future. Regards.
Indian tour - agency. 

October, 2011
Еще раз хочу передать большое спасибо Яне и ТМТ.
Тут можно посмотреть фото-отчет о продланной работе.
Чтобы иметь представление, что мы там делаем на Святой Земле. 
Естественно это нужно самолично испытать. 
Я как-то предлагал Яне и девченкам ТМТ прокатиться с нами ;)
О. B.
October, 2011
היי ג'וזי ,
המון,המון תודות,  היה מקסים !!! 
ליאור הוכיחה אכפתיות , בקיאות, יכולות ורצון כן לסייע.

הכי חשוב  הצליח לה !!!  קיבלנו יופי של חדרים ויחס. בקיצור   10 .
תודות על התשורה הנאה מאוד לחג,  אני מריח טוב מדי.
חוץ מזה חגים שמחים, מאושרים ומוצלחים לך ולבני ביתך .
שנתראה יותר השנה  .

October, 2011
This has been glorious trip. Thank you again and again .
Pastor J .

October, 2011
Hi Sigal,
Thank you for all.  You , Porit and Josephine for what you did to turn the
Hoyle group around. He rang me last night to say thank you a and to all at Tailor-Made team.
Best wishes

October, 2011
Dear Josephine,
Shalom, thanks for the support ,Ghana is proud of you.
Tailor Made Tours has demonstrated a high pedigree of professionalism ,
in the tourism industry.
Kind regards,
September, 2011
My dearest Porit!
In the coming new year,I give my dearest friend best greeting.
Thank you very much for your backup in past years! You are a real friend, a real professional travel
agent stuff!  You help me achieve so many official visits for so many parties.
You assist me solve so many problems when things are in difficulty
Hope all best things come into your life! Best wishes C.
September 2011
September, 2011
Dearest Lior ,
Just a little note to tell you, thank you for all your help.
I had a wonderful time at the Dead Sea ,I 'm giving your phone number to all my friends, thanks again .
Sincerely , A.
September, 2011
Shalom, I have to give you a big salute. Many thank for everything.
In fact I am very proud of being a member of tailor Made Tour. My people say AYEKOO
At the moment I need a chip so that the group will have a good communication link to their families in Ghana. .
Hoping to meet you soon. Kind regards, ,
September, 2011
WOW!  You all are amazing! I do know their visit time is in your important holiday even can not imagine how you accomplish that difficult request!  Again you are superwoman!!  WOW!  In holiday, doesn't it means everybody is off work and enjoy the holiday?  It is really amazing!  I can not even believe my eyes!  Could I tell the Op that official visit can be arranged so the guests can visit Israel on schedule?
I do appreciate you! Everybody loves you. Mr. Z.  gave you so high comments ,charming, consideration, smart  I am proud of you too!
Best regards C.
August, 2011
Thank you very much for all what you did. I can feel the strong support from you.
Z (China)
August, 2011
Hi there,
I have been to tour to Israel and you guys have made my tour wonderful.
August, 2011
Dear Josephine,
We greatly appreciate your warm hospitality accorded us.
Thanks a lot and God will reward u in million folds.
August, 2011
Dear Sigal,
Many thanks for your swift response, In-fact, I am very proud for my cooperation with Tailor Made. I always feel the impact of a team and as a team player will always contribute the best of my quota for the smooth success of our objectives.  I can't wait to see the big Tailor Made Family together from Ghana and Israel.
Kind regards,
August, 2011
Thanks for everything! You've done a great job, I'm looking forward to meet you in Israel next week.

August, 2011
Hi Avveeshag,
You are awesome! Thank you for your speedy reply.
Thank you,
August, 2011
ג'וזפין היקרה,
אני מרגישה צורך לכתוב לך מילים אלו: במהלך שנות עבודתי בתיירות ביקרתי במשרדים שונים בארץ ובחו"ל, ההתרשמות שאת ומשרדך משרים על
כל מי שנכנס אליך, אין לו אח ורע.
המשרד טובל בריח של מקצועיות תרתי משמע.  המשרד פיזית והן את והעובדים שלך. כל הכבוד והערכה.
August, 2011
Just want to let you know how pleased I am with Yana and Lior!  They are excellent and very easy to work with. I will let you know when I will be arriving in Israel!  Can't wait!
Best regards,
August, 2011
Dear Josephine,
Thank you very much for your courtesy extended to us during our team visit to holy land.
Once again greetings from the officials of Jerusalem yatra ministries to you and your team who worked hard to make this trip successful. The entire group sending their greetings and blessings to your esteemed organization who gave their full support to us during the group visit. Hoping for a long relationship with your esteemed organization in the coming future.
Thanks and Best Regards
August, 2011
The Governor is equally pleased with your excellent operations in conducting  our citizens to perform the holy pilgrimage and their visits to the holy sites.
Chief staff A.state
July, 2011
Dear Sigal, Good Morning!
This party goes very smoothely, greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
June, 2011
Dear Josie and Eran,
Thank you so much for the luscious platter of fruit that you sent to me today. What a pleasant surprise and so delicious and the nice executive room here, which is top notch in every respect.
Thank you too for your call just now. You are amazing!
Shabbat Shalom!

June, 2011
Dear Friends in Israel!
I would like to thank you for your kind support. I'm proudly presenting our program for Israel.
Now we have to send only the good vibrations to the Universe and wait for good response.
Best Regards,
June, 2011
Dear Josie,
You and Eran are very precious. I do feel very much at home here.
I wish you God’s blessing in your new house. Thank you for the invitation to share Shabbat with you there sometime. I will look forward to that.
Have a good evening.
June, 2011
Dear Josie,
You and Eran are very precious. I do feel very much at home here.
I wish you God’s blessing in your new house. Thank you for the invitation to share Shabbat with you there sometime. I will look forward to that.
Have a good evening.
June, 2011
Got very good feedbacks on the tour.
Thx a lot!!!
June, 2011
Thank you once again for the awesome effort with the Zealous tour, your the best!. Thank you and have a wonderful evening.
June, 2011
I do appreciate your help from heart to soul!  That is really great! Let me say thank you again
Best regards
June, 2011
Dear Josephine!
I think this is bless that I found you as a partner. Very quick and professional response and beside that own buses!!! I was working 11 years in a bus company where we have provided buses also for some Israeli tour operators. So I know that you have high standards and I don't doubt that Your ways of services are going to be perfect.  Once again thank You for Your professionalism!
Best Regards,
June, 2011
Thank you for your assistance with our trip needs. Your parting words were very kind and appreciated. In addition, thank you for the gifts as well.I will be sure to contact Tailor Made for our potential trip for 2012
Warm regards,

June, 2011
Thank you very much for your team efforts!  I am more than happy!
Best Regards!

June, 2011
Dear, thank you!
Chairman Mao who was the funder of CHINA said women can hold up half of the sky!
By the way,zhang li emailed and  said that you are very professional OP and  very organized in doing  operation!
June, 2011
My dearest sister and friend,
We are all blessed reading from you.
Let me write back to inform you of our safe arrival and the words of appreciation from all the pilgrims in my group. Each time I visited Israel with a group, your girls in TMT team and your humble self have always made me proud, Thank you so much for creating time out of your very tight schedule to visit us with your husband and personally present the Certificates of the Justice of The Peace to members of my group.
Once again and on behalf of all my people, I bless the Name of The Lord and thank you so dearly for an excellent package we enjoyed during our stay in Israel.
June, 2011
My Beloved,
Grace and  peace be multiplied to you and all yours.
We arrived home safely after our trip and God blessed one of the couples on our team with a set  of twin babies[a boy and a girl] a few days ago. I am writing to say thank you as your organization TAILOR MADE TOURS  plans and tailors tours " SEWN TO MEASURE AND FIT TO WEAR.
Please extend my greetings to all bat Tailor Made.
June, 2011
Just a short note to say how well all of Rep Training and hotels etc. went from my perspective.  Your bus and driver were wonderful.
Looking forward to seeing you again.
April, 2011
Thank you for your picture and your warm greeting!  You can not imagine how much that mean to me. I do appreciate what you have done for our Group!!
All the best wishes
April, 2011
Shalom! Shalom!! Shalom!!!
Beloved, we all arrived home safely. We also met our families in good health.
On behalf of the Group i want to say a big THANK YOU for the various roles you
played to make our spiritual journey fruitfull and enjoyable. Our good God will
reward you richly according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Amen
March, 2011
We would like to say a very big Thank-you for everything you did to make our 1st visit to Israel so, so amazing. We can not stop talking about it.We feel so blessed and excited about what God wants us to do for Him after all He has revealed to us.
So we may one day bring a group!!!!
Bless you
S&R Jean
February, 2011
Good day sir,
I was among the group that came for pilgrimage in Israel that just ended. I must tell you I was a life time experience. And I look forward for being there again. Your service was the best. Thanks for your service. Shalom.
J.A. (Nigeria)
February, 2011
We truly enjoyed our stay in each of the cities that we visited and we also enjoyed each one of our Tour Guides very much as they were very polite, professional and knowledgeable about their cities history, historic sites and present. It was truly a pleasure to see the Holy Land, meet a wonderful Tour Guide and visit its sites. Best Regards.
Mr. E.C.N.
February, 2011
Dear Friends,
May I thank you most sincerely for an excellent FAM Trip to Israel.  Everyone on the tour spoke highly about the professional way you handled our trip and they have returned home very enthusiastic about bringing a future group.  We enjoyed the company a first class guide with a sense of humor. Please convey my appreciation to Mrs Josephine Zinder for her kindness in providing the facility for this trip to take place. I look forward to being in contact with you again soon. With very best wishes.
D. M.
January, 2011
Dearly beloved,
I bring you greetings in the name that is above every other name, Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God and the soon coming King. On behalf of my dear wife, I want to appreciate you once again for the way you handled the group during our recently concluded tour. Much more, I appreciate the gift. Thanks again and again for you thoughtfulness in replacing the gift.  I do not take it lightly at all. It is my prayer that the Lord will bless and reward you. This year, the God of all grace will divinely visit you and fill your mouth with testimonies. Thanks  and God bless.
Dr. M.O. Bishop
January, 2011
The purpose of this letter is to say thank you for all your help, support and professional work during the stay of our last group for the Christmas period. Despite the problems in the beginning due to the cancelled flight you succeeded to make an unforgettable stay for our clients in Israel.
I appreciate a lot your attitude. Thanks.
November, 2010
I just wanted to tell you how wonderful our experience was! Our tour guide was excellent!
He gave us enough time at each place to ' not only experience the moment, but also to reflect
Upon the spiritual side of our beliefs. We felt as we were treated like royalty and I cannot say enough good things about our tour! It was a blessed tour and I will never forget it!
Thank you so much!
November, 2010
I want to thank you for the awesome trip arranged by you for the Greater Grace church last week. Your staffs were just awesome!!!It has been memorable and thank you for making us feels so special.  Love you guys!!! Thanks Josephine and the team!!!
October, 2010
A single candle can illuminate all the night. A true friend lights up an entire life. You people have shown in all respect how valuable a friend can be. You're deeply appreciated in TMT. Bless you and blessed day.
I. O. (O. Executive Secretary)
October, 2010
Thanks for your care and concern. You put passion into anything you believe in, you are one in a million.
October, 2010
Arrived safely in U.S. last night; completely fagged out. Thanks for your wonderful hospitality, the joy you radiate, the passion you bring to your work and the reward it brings.  May G-d continue to bless this relationship?!
October, 2010
G-D bless you richly Josie and Eran, you are the very best. The grace to progress is released. Glory to G-d!
We love you. We treasure you.
October, 2010
Nice People are like the morning, you can't have them all day but you are sure they will be there for you tomorrow, next and forever. Thanks for being ONE… Have a Good morning and remain bless the rest your life…
October, 2010
 Josie you are wonderfully made. You kept to your word; G-d will bless you abundantly. You have contributed to the work of G-d, you will never lack, and our G-d wills always open doors for you in every areas of your life in Jesus Name.
Big Thanks to you & Chief.
October, 2010
Thanks immensely for your kind gesture & giving spirit. The scriptures tell us that it's better to give than to receive. Blessed are those who give for they will never lack. The joy of G-d shall continually abide with you & all yours including all of you at TMT. G-d blesses you!
October, 2010
I’m beginning to fall in love with your company.  I should have know how good Tailor Made is from our very first encounter.  Your employers were so open and so giving .  The company reflects their dedication to their art.
(Boat trips)
October, 2010
Thank you VERY much for all you did for our groups.  You did a really good job and people are extremely satisfied with the whole set up this year. Everyone else is just SUPER happy and I am getting a lot of SMS and emails from very happy and thankful people. All I can say is WELL DONE TAILOR MADE!! I just received a call from E.S. who is presently in USA and she wants to do a tour next year!!!!  Absolutely amazing!  Will let you know more as soon as I know more on this topic.  They were very pleased with your whole set up and Eran was diplomatically correct!
October, 2010
Cher A.
Nous sommes bien arrivés hier soir, après avoir fait bon voyage. Nous tenons vous remercier pour ces journées si enrichissantes. Nous avons apprécié votre compétence et votre grande disponibilité et cette découverte d'Israël nous a donné envie d'y retourner…
M. et N. A.

September, 2010
Eilat has been amazing and everyone had a fantastic time. Thank you so much for making this wonderful opportunity available for us. We appreciate it very much and it was a time that will be remembered for a long time. You truly blessed us and thank you, Josephine. Thank you so much.  Keep well and blessings,
M and L
September, 2010
Dear Madam,
I write to commend your organization for the wonderful and worth hospitality accorded me and
My fellow compatriots from Nigeria during the 2008-2009 pilgrimage to Israel.
Sincerely, our stay in Israel was free of any logistic problems.
September, 2010
Спасибо Вам за Вашу посвященность, за доброе сердце, за тот Израиль, который именно Вы смогли нам показать. Незабываемым для многих стал Яд Вашем с Вашим рассказом! Спасибо Вам, за всю Вашу заботу и любовь, которые Вы нам так щедро дарили.
Благословений Вам!
September, 2010
Дорогие, здравствуйте!
Огромное Вам спасибо, за прекрасно организованную поездку по Вашей замечательной стране. Мне все очень-очень понравилось, я давно мечтала познакомиться с Израилем поближе. Четкая и очень логичная программа лишний раз подтвердила, что Вы – настоящие профессионалы своего дела. Я и раньше была уверена в Вас, а теперь с абсолютно легким сердцем буду доверять Вам своих непростых клиентов. Желаю Вам много интересных заказов, приносящих удовлетворение!!!! Все мои заказы на Израиль – только ВАШИ!!!
September, 2010
Thanks for your great service and greeting to our clients. I really appreciate that.
Everything is fine and tour go smooth. I hope I can see you in the future.
September, 2010
Dear Friends,
I've just want to say you a big Thank you for your attention and care for all of us in our tour in Israel.  It was a pleasure for me to know you and I hope that our cooperation will continue in the future.
Thank you very much one more time!
Have a nice day from Bulgaria!
August, 2010
Hello my dear sister,
Everyone returned safely and have sweet memories of the trip. Thanks for all that you did to make the trip the success it was. I really appreciate you. Love you and love to your dear husband and your wonderful team.
To God's Glory Alone,
Pastor (Mrs.) O. U.
Group Manager, Operations
August, 2010
Good morning,
Want to use this opportunity to thank you for your hospitality that you showed the Ministerial Delegation.  Once again, thank you. Shalom.
Secretary, Christian Pilgrims Welfare Board
August, 2010
Shalom Josephine,
Just to say another big thank you to you and your girls over the way and manner my group was pampered in this 11 days tour in Israel. Every member of my group of 29 pilgrims both from United Kingdom and Nigeria expressed a high level of satisfaction with your services from start to finish. That was a great honor to my Company and of cause to my humble self. I am proud of you as my Tour Operator in Israel. All the JPs send their greetings, especially Grace who could not find words to express her appreciation.
Much blessings from the most High.
Toda Raba.
August, 2010
I am happy to report that we had a wonderful experience at the Metropolitan. The room was very nice, the food was very good, the service was good and the pool was great. We had a marvelous weekend celebrating our birthdays, and we thank you for helping us!
July, 2010
Dear Josephine,
Just to appreciate your personal and official demonstration of concern over the affairs of my company. So good to hear that you personally had to visit the Ministry of Interior for the remaining visas to be approved. Thank you and looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks when my group will be there in Israel.
Toda Raba and remain blessed.
Mike U
June, 2010
Dear Tailor Made,
I am glad that all our group left Israel. We want to maintain a good record, and not have people who may cause problems or not return. It was a real pleasure working with you. …
Blessings and peace,
J. M.
June, 2010
halom Josephine,
Our tour has gone very well. Our  operator is very conscientious and faithful worker. She came to see me in Jerusalem and I enjoyed our meeting very much. All the hotels were good. Especially the Jerusalem one. The driver and guide are fantastic…
K. and S.
Music Festivals
June, 2010
Greetings Friends,
I want to thank you for the excellent service that Tailor Made Tours has provided for our time recently in Israel. It was good to see you again Porit while we were in Tiberias. Thank you for the kind gifts that you gave us all. Josephine also sent me an email and I thanked her for the wonderful lunch that TMT blessed us with at the Sahara Restaurant. I really do appreciate the attention to detail that you showed to us while preparing for the trip and while in the Land.  I will unhesitatingly recommend TMT to my friends and acquaintances.
Again thank you for your assistance and expertise.
God bless,
May, 2010
Shalom Beloved Friends,
Grace and peace be multiplied to you and all yours in Jesus name .Amen
To God be the glory.We all arrived safely to Nigeria and have settled down to our various assignments I want to sieze this opportunity to thank you all for the various roles you played  to make our trip success. God  will reward you all abundantly.
I. E. C.
April, 2010
I wanted to THANK YOU for an unforgettable, once in a lifetime family trip.  Each part of the trip was special .We had a wonderful trip. Thanks again for taking such good care of us.
All the best, Brenda
December, 2009
Shalom and blessings,
I was in Israel recently with a group and i wanted to tell you how much i enjoyed the trip and what a pleasure it was to be with you Tour Company.  Avi was our Tour Guide and he was absolutely excellent. He was very informative and paitient with all of us. Also Yossi was such a good bus driver and we all realy liked him.  Hop to hear from you and hope to be able to come back to Israel and travel again with your wonderful Tour Company. I will recommand you to anyone.
Love and blessings
November, 2009
Dear all
Just spoken to him and very happy with Tailor Made so thanks for all your
hard work He is re-booking for 2011 and he is working on his itinerary in the next few
weeks He said the guide was a nice person.
Once again many thanks for all your efforts
Shabbat shalom

November, 2009
Dear girls
Thank you so much for your excellent service for this finished group!!
Just now I called Ms.Tian, she is so happy and so appreciate your arrangement, she give me many many thanks and tell me a lot of interesting story about this trip. She said you are the best one. Dear, I do be proud of you!!!!
As I said, if you are here ,I am full of confidence!
I do believe we will cooperate more and more~~~~~~~
BR Chen

October, 2009
Hi dear
Just spoken to G. who works with Mr. M. and was on the trip with him
I believe they were extremely happy and thought the guide was great and very pleased you came to meet them and that all the arrangements were great. Thank you for all your hard work and it is much appreciated.
August, 2009
Hi Josephine!
Great to see you you and meet all together again!
June, 2009
Shalom to the management of Tailor Made! I am proud of your wonderful services!
I love you all!
Bye … I am preparing to return back to Israel.
June, 2009
Warm Greetings from the Diocese of Mumbai, Church of North India!
Hello Josephine. Shalom. How are you? By the grace of God we are all fine. We the CNI Bishops & the spouses are always grateful to you and your Tailor Made Tours for the wonderful Holy Land Tour and your Homely hospitality. We will never forget your efforts which made our tour so memorable.  Say Hi, and Shalom to every one working with you. Specially Big Daddy (the guide) and Mustafa (the driver). Special greetings and love from my mother, wife Smita, son Varun.
Rt. Rev. P. D. P.
June, 2009
Mrs Zinder,
I would like to thank you for your excellent work and service provided to the Seventh-day Adventists in Israel and from all over the world. You and your team have organized for our Church several conventions and conferences, the General Conference World Jewish-Adventist Friendship Convention in 2006, the Trans-European Division Treasurers meeting in 2007, some other Adventist conferences and conventions in 2008, and your excellent answers to the Israel Field’s needs of hotels in the Dead Sea and Eilat in many years. Thank you again for your help. May our God bless your company to share the light of Israel, its land and people with many groups of visitors in the Bible land.
Sincerely yours"
Richard E,
7th day Adventists
June, 2009
To you & Tailor Made for an enviable & motherly care to us. I know its way beyond our payment. Thanks for making me to return with a more profiting group for Tailor Made. Thanks."
David, Nigeria
March, 2009
I write first of all to recommend Tailor Made Tours –that you are the best in Israel, our holy land!!!Thank you and God Bless Josie and Tailor Made!!!
March, 2009
My name is DCNS JP 2008-2009 Nigeria Pilgrim.
Madam Josephine, I see Tailor Made Tours Personnel as goal getters who are also passionate about their business and services. Moreover, Tailor Made Tours reckons seriously with the God Factor! 
Yours Faithfully,
D. I.O
February, 2009
I want to express my gratitude towards caring rendering to us during our tour in Israel.
I may come back to Israel soon; I still use Tailor Made Tours LTD.
God bless you all in Jesus Name Amen!
Mrs. M.E
February, 2009
"…They had a special time in Israel. They adored Adrian and they felt very well cared for by everyone there. All of them agreed that they would repeat the experience and recommend it to friends.  I do appreciate all the care given to our little group… Thank you Porit, they had a marvelous trip and Keith said that you were very accommodating for the group. Thank you for all you did….. Hope all is well with you and we look forward to working with you again…"
Pam D.
Travel Agent
November, 2008
I'm Costa Rica Director.
Last feast we were very happy with your attention.
We say – Thank you!
Special best regards from Costa Rica !
November, 2008
I want to express my sincere thanks for a truly wonderful tour. It was really excellent. Everything fell into place from the very start and I felt the Lord's favor upon us throughout the tour. The Hotels were very good as were indeed the driver, Simon, and the guide, Jan. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it and had no complaints at all.  In fact, they all want to come back next year and have begun telling their friends about it already. In fact they were full of praise for everything. Thank you too for the birthday cake for Penny.  It was a real surprise and she really enjoyed it as indeed we all did. Please convey, on behalf of all the tourists, our sincere and grateful thanks to all your colleagues for all the hard work they put in to make this Tour the success that it was.
April, 2008
"Dear Staff of Tailor Made Tours!
…Thank you each and everyone so much for the wonderful, empowering and unforgettable tour we had together!..."
Love, Sisko
April, 2008
"…We thank you for a very wonderful, inspiring & interesting trip. Your planning was exceptional for us to cover so much territory & see so many sites……"
RC & Lois Mills
April, 2008
".....ברצוני להמליץ בחום על טיילור מייד תיירות בע"מ. ....זכינו לקבל טיפול מקצועי, אמין ויעיל
עבור כ- 1000 איש, ילדים ונוער סטודנטים ומבוגרים שהגיעו מארה"ב , רוסיה ושוויץ......אני חייב לומר שטיילור מייד נמצאים היום ברף הגבוה ביותר של מובילי התיירות בישראל מכל מני בחינות : ברמת
השירות הגבוהה, בהליך תפעול מקצועי ביותר ובתשומת לב פרטנית עבור כל לקוח ולקוח. "

בברכה ובכבוד רב,
ד. א.
April, 2008
Happy new year to you - trip in December was great - thank you for all you did for us.
Thank you too for the super surprise birthday cake it was wonderful )apologies for delay in thanking you due to problems at nursery school). Now can't wait to come back again this year - trip for group in November looks great!
Best wishes to you,
April, 2008
"Shalom Josephine! Enclosed follows a picture Reidun (my wife) took at your visit to Regency hotel. We hade a wonderful time together and it was just amazing to hear your story how God has touched your heart from your childhood. Warm greetings from us all in the group. We love you so much both of you"

November, 2007
"I can't thank you enough for the fantastic trip. Everyone is absolutely thrilled. A few things I will change for next time.... this we can discuss later. Thank you for you kindness and very generous hospitality. Will get back to both you and Abigail soon. Thanks"
October, 2007
"…I want to thank you and the staff of Tailor Made Tours for all you did to make the tour a wonderful experience for us all. You can be assured that you lived up to your company's name. I do feel the tour was tailor made for us…….."
Steve C.
October, 2007
"…I have been dealing with many travel agencies during the last 20 years, you have been the one who gave us the most complete satisfaction…. God bless you and your company which is working for his Glory."
Best Regards,
Richard E.
7th day Adventists believers
April, 2007.
"…Thank you for a great staff outing. We all enjoyed it so much! …the sites and the hotels were all very good. The Food Friday night was particularly outstanding and the hotel room was especially beautiful….."
Carina C.
April, 2007
"….Yes the trip was a success! It definitely changed the lives of all the students, in very positive ways. It changed the lives of our own family, as well. The trip enabled us to see a side of Israel, and its people, that most journeying to the land never have the opportunity to see and experience. Thank you, again, for everything!!.............."
Stacey H.
Director of CFN Music
April, 2007
"…Many thanks for the exceptional and unforgettable tour in Israel!....You Tailors did a splendid work!  We'll be back!"
Hearty regards from Maia and Kari!
April, 2007
".....אני רוצה להגיד לכם תודה על ההשקעה הגדולה בפרויקט " תגלית עם הצפון". הזמן ,המרץ,הכוחות, הלילות ללא שינה- על זה תודתי..........בע"ה , שבזכות המאמצים הגדולים נצליח לתרום רבות למען
חיזוק התושבים הצפונים של מדינת ישראל."


February, 2007
"Dear  Lior,
I just want to thank you very much for whole your help in organizing the bussines trip for our delegation.  They were satisfied with the service, so I believe, in the future we can co-opereit much often.  At this same time, I wanted to make sure if you have sent the orginal version of the invoice? Did you write my name on the envelope? Many thanks and all the best for you and your manager. Regards,"
July, 2005
The vacation ended up being a journey for us and not one of our group left Israel feeling anything less than excited that God willing, we can come back next year Knowing that Tailor Made Tours will do the same excellent job that they did this time."
American Tai Chi Association
Sidok Robert K.
June, 2005
לכל צוות טיילור מייד הנפלא מתוך השיר "עלה קטן שלי" שנכתב עבור ילדי לב:
"תחזיק חזק עלה קטן שלי, כי לא תמיד הכל בחוץ בהיר , ברוח קרה סער וסופה קרה תזכור ותחמם אני אתך"- הערכתנו ותודתנו על השתתפותכם במשימה לחמם את הלב ולעורר בו שמחה על ידי הוצאה אל הפועל של שבתות העמותה המשותפות..."
ברכה וצלחה
רחל ש. מנהלת העמותה "לב בנימין"
העמותה לקידום ילדים בעלי צרכים מיוחדים בבנימין
June, 2003
I have worked closely with Tailor Made Tours since 2001, I have been very satisfied with their service. They are professionals, well organized, efficient, honest and very nice. In short they "aim to please", and it has been a pleasure to work with them."
Pardes-Institute of Jewish Studies
Rabbi Meir S.
February, 2003
"...טיילור מייד עמדה בהצלחה רבה עם שימת לב לפרטים הקטנים והגדולים כאחד עם שרות לבבי ללקוח
והמון לב ונשמה. עליי לומר שחברת טיילור מייד כשמה כן היא , אכן תופרת חליפות תיירות למערך לקוחותיה , כל לקוח וחליפתו הוא...."

יוליה ק.
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