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Leisure Tours
Tailor Made Tours knows to pamper and spoil guests, we would recommend you select from the wide variety and many boutique hotel and spa resorts available from the north to south of Israel. Whether you choose to be in the north, the Galilee with magnificent mountain views and the picturesque landscapes of winelands, farmlands and surrounding … 
If your choice is to spend leisure time on the beach, Israel has been blessed with 3 ‘seas’ washing up on the shores throughout the country –
  • in the centre of the country, the Dead Sea, a natural wonder of the world and lowest point on earth; where you can float on the unique salt waters and enjoy open -air spa treatments or book-into a body & soul treatment resort for a week of revival  
  • in the south, the Red Sea where one can swim with Dolphins, the sea renowned for the variety of the underwater life and magnificent corals – a scuba-diver’s paradise. The port city of Eilat, a very popular beach resort and the summer playground for the globe-trotting nations of Europe. 
  • the full length of Israel’s coastline, the calm and warm temperatures of the Mediterranean Sea with the most popular cosmopolitan city of Tel Aviv, the city that never stops, a marine parade kilometer’s long, with well-kept beaches for relaxing   on rich with exciting night-life, best restaurants, clubs & bars – the best of the Middle Eastern entertainment -