tailor made tours in israel - Incentive Tour to Israel
Incentive Tour to Israel by Tailor Made
Dear incentive organizer,
Tailor Made Tours Israel is pleased to provide you with several ideas in order for you to plan the best tour for your employees in Israel.
We are at you service at all the times.
*Breakfast stop Masada at sunrise,
*Lunch on a wooden boat on the Sea of Galilee, or dinner in King David's Jerusalem Citadel
*Bedouin Evening
A camel or two sedately survey the scene, as a Bedouin in traditional dress prepares his own special blend of Middle Eastern coffee outside his goatskin-covered tent. Another is baking pita bread in an authentic oven, while a third plucks the single string of his "rabiba" instrument, accompanied by his friend on a wooden flute. The sight, sounds and smell are undoubtedly those of a Bedouin encampment
*"Queen of Sheba" Evening at King Solomon's Pillars
The setting is King Solomon's Pillars just outside Eilat, at Timna Park, fabled as the site where Israel's wise and legendary monarch mined copper nearly 3000 years ago. Banners, fireworks splitting the pure, crisp desert air, an Ethiopian honor guard replete with trumpets and complemented by proud horses and camels bedecked in regal ornaments. The fragrances of faraway perfumes and spices permeate the atmosphere. A royal banquet and entertainment fit for kings, laid out in the open air, or under a tent richly decorated with the trappings of nobility.
*Sports That Shine
*A golf tournament in Caesarea, at the only 18-hole golf course in the world bestrewn with original Roman relics.
*White water rafting and kayaking down the Jordan River.
*Skydiving over the Mediterranean.
*Hang gliding over the desert rappelling down its beautiful cliffs
*Underwater archeology.
*Scuba diving,
*And so much more!
*Unbeatable Adventures
*Byzantine cave explorations.
*Desert walks, jeep safaris and adventure tours.
*Mountain bike journeys through the hills of the Negev.
*Camelback treks along ancient Nabatean routes...
But Wait… There's MORE!

*Free-fall skydivers bearing your company banner as they hurtle down to view;
*Your company name in lights or laser against the mountainous background of the desert night;
*A forest in the name of your company, planted with their own hands by your honored winners; fireworks galore.
*The only limits are the imagination (and your budget), and the reward will be a powerful experience as impressive and indelible as the land where it was lived.
*"Challenge Us" - Bring Your Own Theme!
*Crusader Night,
*Roman Toga Party,
*Fisherman's Evening at Jaffa Port,
*A day in an Ethiopian village,
*Dinner cruise complete with jazz ensemble   aboard a Red Sea yacht.
*You and your top achievers can be Abraham or even Salome for a night, living out biblical stories in the actual places these events took place thousands of years ago.
Choose your own theme, and let us do the rest!


Thank you for the opportunity

to serve you in

the Tailor Made way!