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Come and join us for a lifetime experience
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Our team of travel experts will provide the right guidance, tools and expertise you require to create a tour for your community. With Tailor Made Tours you will find a one stop shop for all the services you need on ground: visas, hotels, guides, transportation, meals, etc.

So you decided to lead a group to Israel? Perhaps because you want to enhance your life, open new horizons and provide lifetime memories for your community members? Maybe you want to share a spiritual experience with your friends or maybe you just want to enjoy a nice vacation with your family?
The key to a successful trip is good planning which you don't have to do on your own as we will lead you every step of the way in order to assure that you enjoy your experience in Israel to the fullest.
At Tailor Made Tours we take your success seriously and we want our clients to travel with complete piece of mind and confidence.

Getting started.
​You don't need to be a natural leader in order to bring a group to Israel or to have previous experience leading a group. All you have to do is generate some enthusiasm and excitement - hang posters, send newsletters, hold information meeting, simply spread the word around to attract more people to join you. We will work closely with you to adjust the touring program to meet your educational goals, traveling expectations, schedule and budget. We will advise you on hotel accommodations, buses and drivers, front of the line guides, and everything else associated with the tour.
When is the best time to visit Israel?
In addition to the weather concerns, there are high and low seasons for hotels and sites in Israel. Those dates change from year to year. We strongly recommend that you pick your travel dates at least six months in advance.
Do I need a VISA to travel to Israel?
Traveling to Israel does not have to be confusing if you know the right things before you go. Click HERE for information containing VISA requirements for various travelers as well as information on borders, customs, airport taxes and fees.

Who is your audience?​ 
As your partners we will fine-tune the traveling program according to the specifications of your group. Israel is well equipped to accommodate the travelers with special needs. Airport, hotels, and various touring sites are wheelchair accessible, however it is possible that we would have to tweak the itinerary in order to avoid sites that do not have access for wheelchairs. Age can also be a factor, that's why we will make sure to adjust the program to the age of the travelers.
What is the size of your group?
Not only does the size of your group affect the price of a trip, it also allows the tour leader to travel for free. When you start planning a trip, the number of participants does not have to be set in stone, we just need to know how many people are "expected" to travel in order to book enough hotel space in advance and get the ball rolling. Remember, no group is too large.

Yes, there are benefits for tour leaders.
​Aside from the great experience of leading a tour group and strengthening your focus and leadership ability, you will get a free room upgrade in all hotels throughout the entire trip.  Make sure to discuss your benefits with your travel expert before your departure for the land of milk and honey.
 When traveling with Tailor Made Tours you will enjoy: 
- Group VISA (starting from 10 travelers of same citizenship
- Assistance at the airport upon arrival and departure 
- Tour guides, licensed by the Ministry of Tourism with unparalleled knowledge of the country and great interpersonal skills 
- Safe, comfortable and enjoyable transportation equipped with wireless internet 
- Friendly, dedicated and highly professional staff 
- A festive farewell ceremony prepared by TMT travel experts 
- Tailor Made Tours travel kit (hats, travel bags and maps with TMT logo)

Thank you for the opportunity

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