tailor made tours in israel - AGRICULTURAL TOURS
Agricultural Tours to Israel
Israel a small country in size and ‘young’ in the number of years since independence, however, Israel has evolved to be a world leader in the markets of global advanced technologies and most successfully, in the field of agriculture.  Against all odds, Israel has overcome many years of struggle against not only difficult day-to-day conditions, limited water supply, desert land and a semi-arid climate which combined, was considered to be unfavorable for agriculture. Today, Israel has earned the status of a leading exporter of top-quality fruit and vegetables on the international markets especially during off-season periods.

Tailor Made Tour offers include visits to Greenhouses, Dairy Farming, Drip & Desert Irrigation Systems, Ecological Farming, Plant Biochemistry, Aquaculture and the likes of Agricultural Research Centres, Agri-Tech Enterprises, Experimental Farms / Moshav Settlements / Kibbutz Communities with arrangements for special appointments with the farmers and their on-site practical operations.