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<...> I don’t know the way to appreciate all your dedication to make our tour possible. The tour members feel so privileged and honor and feel so special to visit Israel on her 70th Anniversary <...>   <Mrs S. from Japan>
<...> We Love Tailor Tours International, we have experienced your kind hospitality in the previous year when my family had visited to Israel in a group trip.... We  remember and praying for Tailor Tours almost since 8 years down the lane. Me and my family are really excited to meet your team in 2018 as Loving  Ambassadors from India.<...>   <Mr R.S from India>
<...>The trip was fantastic and all our group was very happy and I want to thank Josephine for making us all so welcome...I think and in fact I know that the most important thing in making these trips a success like this one has been is the personal touch. Josephine and Tailor Made has certainly done that from your end, and Myself and my wife and our two Priests has done it from our end. We were all working together as a teem and it was all good.<...>   <P.M. from Ireland>

"Dear friends from all over the globe, 
Blessings and Shalom from Tailor Made.

We are privileged to inform you that Tailor Made has started its 18th year of operations. We are so happy and proud for the millage we've gone so far making many organizations proud and transforming many people lives..."

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